August 3, 2016

The Lost Identity Casualties by Kim Ekemar

The Lost Identity Casualties is the first book of The Callaghan Tetralogy written by Kim Ekemar.

The story is about Matthias Callaghan, a successful businessman who wakes up in a hospital with all his fingers cut off, head wrapped in bandages and no memory of what happened to him.  It seems like he is a victim of mistaken identity and is, consequently, kidnapped, mutilated and dumped at the garage of his apartment. He goes into a coma and is subject to a face transplant. Robbed of his successful and privileged life, Matthias vowed to avenge himself. Armed with his sharp mind and his new face, he plots revenge on everyone who caused him such great pain and loss.

I just love this book. It is a fast-paced, action-filled suspense thriller that kept me reading way past my bed time. The plot is totally riveting, the story telling is very engaging while the characters are all well-developed. I enjoyed the story immensely and I recommend it to all fans of suspense and thriller novels.

Congratulations to Kim Ekemar (@kimekemar) on such an amazing book! Looking forward to the next book, Where the Bones of a Buried Rat Lie.


  1. It's been a long time since i read this kind of book, and through this post i got excted to read my own thriller book too!, what's cool is that, i have featured book too from my previous post and my post coming this Monday. :)

    #ReadersRock ! haha

    1. Hi! Thanks for taking the time to comment on my post. Will visit you back.