August 23, 2016

Armageddon's Arc by Victor Baptiste

Armageddon’s Arc is a thought-provoking novella written by Victor Baptiste.

The story is about Sean Killian, a priest, who killed himself in order to go to hell, talk face-to-face with Satan and tell him how to beat God.

This was not an easy book to read and finish despite the fact that it is only 67 pages long. The description of hell, the dark, the sound, everything about it was gloomy and creepy and the creatures looming around were horrific and outright terrifying. The author’s description of hell was a place where absolutely no one would ever want to go.

The story was mostly talking, but apparently no action scenes were needed to keep the reader interested. The twists and turns and shocking revelations were enough to make the reader’s mind reeling. In the end, the reader was left with questions with probably no answers. Needless to say, this was one book that would stay with the reader for a while.

Congratulations to Victor Baptiste (@victor_baptiste)on such a thought-provoking story.   

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