October 29, 2021

When the Skies Cry by Steve N Lee


When the Skies Cry is a touching and memorable inspirational fiction and the second in the Books for Dog Lovers Series created by Steve N. Lee.

Harley lives to serve his purpose. When his master and best friend dies, he loses not only his home, but everything he holds dear. Confused, cold, and hungry, he roams the street searching for food, avoiding dangers, all while trying to be the good dog that he is.

Meanwhile, everything seems to be falling apart for Rachel. Taking care of her autistic son and meeting a deadline for a life-changing project, she sure does need help and receiving an ominous text message from her ex-husband is never a good thing.

This is a touching and a heart-warming book that offers so much to the readers. First, it gives us a glimpse not just of the difficulties of a single mother taking care of her son but of the unconditional love she is capable of. Second, it shows us the struggle of a mother trying to give her son with special needs a normal and comfortable life. Third, it depicts the love and loyalty of our fur family. Simply put, this is a book that portrays unconditional love, friendship, compassion, empathy, and other emotions that transcend material possessions.     

The book is populated with a set of lovable characters first of all, of course, is the magnificent Harley, a smart, loving, and loyal service dog. Of all the characters, I find Rachel the most relatable. She is the typical adult bombarded with problems and difficulties life has to offer. My favorite, however, is Izzy, the epitome of a best friend.    

What I love most about this book is the unpredictability. I have read a lot of books of various genres already. Somehow, I had difficulty trying to guess what is going to happen next in this story. Finally, I don’t how other readers feel about the ending, but for me, it’s liberating.

Congratulations to Steve N Lee (@Steve_N_Lee) on such a great book! For more books about the author, click HERE.  

October 25, 2021

Kill Chain by Dominic Martell


Kill Chain is a suspenseful thriller novel and the first book in The Pascual Series created by Dominic Martell.

With a wife and a grown-up son, Pascual Rose lives a simple and quiet life working as a translator. But when he receives a text message summoning him to his own rooftop, he realizes, or maybe finally admits, that his life is not as simple and as quiet as he wishes it to be, and that the consequences of the decisions he has made more than three decades ago are now catching up to him. Not only do his unwanted visitors violate the privacy of his home, but they also threaten his family, and that doesn’t sit well with Pascual, notwithstanding the one million euros they offer in exchange for his services.

This is an interesting, intriguing, suspenseful, and action-filled novel that highlights the use of sophisticated technology and is set in various countries around the world. The author is able to keep the readers in suspense up to the later chapters making the book difficult to put down. What makes it more memorable, however, is how the author depicts something people, in general, fail to notice or are adamant to accept, that whatever we did in the past may have a tremendous effect in our future, that we can’t just do something egregious and get away with it. Finally. though Pascual Rose is the main character in the story, my favorite is Dris. He is smart, reliable, and dependable. All in all, this is a great read.

Congratulations to Dominic Martell on such an enjoyable book! For more books by the author, click HERE.