October 29, 2021

When the Skies Cry by Steve N Lee


When the Skies Cry is a touching and memorable inspirational fiction and the second in the Books for Dog Lovers Series created by Steve N. Lee.

Harley lives to serve his purpose. When his master and best friend dies, he loses not only his home, but everything he holds dear. Confused, cold, and hungry, he roams the street searching for food, avoiding dangers, all while trying to be the good dog that he is.

Meanwhile, everything seems to be falling apart for Rachel. Taking care of her autistic son and meeting a deadline for a life-changing project, she sure does need help and receiving an ominous text message from her ex-husband is never a good thing.

This is a touching and a heart-warming book that offers so much to the readers. First, it gives us a glimpse not just of the difficulties of a single mother taking care of her son but of the unconditional love she is capable of. Second, it shows us the struggle of a mother trying to give her son with special needs a normal and comfortable life. Third, it depicts the love and loyalty of our fur family. Simply put, this is a book that portrays unconditional love, friendship, compassion, empathy, and other emotions that transcend material possessions.     

The book is populated with a set of lovable characters first of all, of course, is the magnificent Harley, a smart, loving, and loyal service dog. Of all the characters, I find Rachel the most relatable. She is the typical adult bombarded with problems and difficulties life has to offer. My favorite, however, is Izzy, the epitome of a best friend.    

What I love most about this book is the unpredictability. I have read a lot of books of various genres already. Somehow, I had difficulty trying to guess what is going to happen next in this story. Finally, I don’t how other readers feel about the ending, but for me, it’s liberating.

Congratulations to Steve N Lee (@Steve_N_Lee) on such a great book! For more books about the author, click HERE.  

October 25, 2021

Kill Chain by Dominic Martell


Kill Chain is a suspenseful thriller novel and the first book in The Pascual Series created by Dominic Martell.

With a wife and a grown-up son, Pascual Rose lives a simple and quiet life working as a translator. But when he receives a text message summoning him to his own rooftop, he realizes, or maybe finally admits, that his life is not as simple and as quiet as he wishes it to be, and that the consequences of the decisions he has made more than three decades ago are now catching up to him. Not only do his unwanted visitors violate the privacy of his home, but they also threaten his family, and that doesn’t sit well with Pascual, notwithstanding the one million euros they offer in exchange for his services.

This is an interesting, intriguing, suspenseful, and action-filled novel that highlights the use of sophisticated technology and is set in various countries around the world. The author is able to keep the readers in suspense up to the later chapters making the book difficult to put down. What makes it more memorable, however, is how the author depicts something people, in general, fail to notice or are adamant to accept, that whatever we did in the past may have a tremendous effect in our future, that we can’t just do something egregious and get away with it. Finally. though Pascual Rose is the main character in the story, my favorite is Dris. He is smart, reliable, and dependable. All in all, this is a great read.

Congratulations to Dominic Martell on such an enjoyable book! For more books by the author, click HERE.

July 8, 2021

Dangerous Secret by Jessica Lauryn


Dangerous Secret is a romantic thriller and the first in the Pinnacles of Power Series created by Jessica Lauryn.

Abigail MacKenzie is a pretty, sweet, and hard-working young woman with her own share of pain and grief. All she wants is to put those pain behind her and be a great teacher. But when she learns about a murder that recently took place, everything comes back to her. And as if she is being shoved to a specific direction, a stranger with thick black hair and deep blue eyes leaves something that reminds her of the elusive justice her father is owed.

When the stranger, Ryan Newberry, turns out to be her new boss at the Washington Valley Hotel, things get tricky for Abigail. Then, tricky becomes chaotic, and then dangerous.    

This is an exciting and suspenseful romantic thriller that urges the readers to keep reading. The author successfully makes the readers to want to find out the who’s and the why’s. Details are dropped a little at a time making the story interesting and suspenseful. It is difficult to choose the most likeable character as there are many. Some readers may opt for the sweet, tough, and brave Abigail who is willing to do everything to get the justice she deserves, while others may cheer for the secretive and protective Ryan who is hell-bent on keeping Abigail safe. In general, this is one enjoyable romantic thriller.

However, other readers may find the romance part a bit cliché, especially the frequent arguments and the endless secrets between the male and female protagonists. Furthermore, the cliffhanger ending may be a bit of a put off for readers who prefer more palpable conclusion even for a book series.

Congratulations to Jessica Lauryn (@JessicaLauryn_) on a suspenseful and exciting book! For more books by the author, click HERE.

November 29, 2020

Soul Augmented by Kas Smith


Soul Augmented is an interesting and thought-provoking cyberpunk and dystopian science fiction and the first in the Soul-Augmented Book Series created by Kas Smith.

Obsessed theoretical physicist Joshua Smith doesn’t realize just how much he loves his girlfriend, Savannah, until she falls into a coma following a spectacularly disastrous night. Savannah’s condition, however, is not unique. Around the world, millions of people fall into irreversible and inexplicable coma.

As Savannah lies unconsciously on her hospital bed, Joshua is racked with guilt for all the times he neglects her and chooses to spend his time and energy on his work instead of to her. Oblivious of the connection between the rise of natural disasters and the irreversible comas, Joshua vows to do everything he can to find a cure for her condition.

An unexpected visit from a representative of an extremely powerful secret society gives Joshua hope to save Savannah but he is yet to decide whether or not he is ready for the implications of his decisions.

Basically, this book has a common enough plot, a man who is so engrossed about his work that he forgets about everything else including the most important thing he has, the love of a great woman, until he lost it. What makes it exciting and interesting is the portrayal of a possible future of the planet. The rise of natural disasters, use of much, much improved and versatile mobile phone called in the book as genius control device, mode of transportation called octopede, and the ordinariness of augmented reality, everything that totally appeals to a science fiction enthusiast.

These same things, however, would deter other readers who prefer the usual and everyday things they see in their present reality. Having said that, I think it would be sensible to say that this book is great but only to a specific set of readers. May I also add that there are scientific terminologies that others would find unappealing like quantum teleportation and Higgs boson,

Being into quantum mechanics, I find this book very interesting that I plan to read the next book in the series very soon.

Congratulations to Kas Smith (@KasSmith_writer) on such a very interesting book. For more books by the author, click HERE.

October 13, 2020

As The Stars Fall: A Book for Dog Lovers by Steve N. Lee


As The Stars Fall: A Book for Dog Lovers is a heart-warming, touching, and memorable book by Steve N. Lee.

Dog is a stray animal scavenging for food. After being fatally injured, Dog lies bleeding in his moldy box when a young girl comes and rescues him. She takes him home and gives him what he wants most, a pack.

With his human best friend, Dog lives a happy, fun, and adventure-filled life. He has a pack. He has a home where he sleeps at night in his fluffy bowl assured by the sound of his human best friend’s steady breathing. He feels safe.

Just when Dog thinks life can’t get any better, things begin to change, then change again, throwing him into confusion and uncertainty.

Told in third person and in the perspective of a young dog, this is a story of survival, friendship, and love. By describing the young girl’s happiness, sadness, longing, and fear as perceived by the clueless dog, the author successfully depicts the emotions of both humans and dogs. He is also able to compare and contrast the instincts of both species by portraying their behaviors towards various situations.

Basically, this is a great book. It is something that even non-pet owners would enjoy. It is funny, heartwarming, and heartbreaking.

Congratulations to Steve N. Lee (@Steve_N_Lee) on such a great book! For more books by the author, click HERE!

September 19, 2020

How a Monster is Made by RaShell Lashbrook

How a Monster is Made is a provocative and heart-wrenching psychological thriller by RaShell Lashbrook.

Randall Carter is the only son of Pearl and Wyatt Carter. He grows up in a dysfunctional family. His father is an alcoholic who couldn’t keep a job and his mother is absent for the most part of his life. Consequently, he is detached, antisocial, and abusive. Strongly influenced by his selfish and self-entitled father, Randall has little respect for authority, and no respect for women.

Generally, this is a good book. It shows the great impact of family dynamics to the personality of an individual. It depicts the feelings of isolation, detachment, insecurity, hate, and anger of a neglected child. It portrays the effects of the lack of warmth, interaction, and support while a child is growing up.

As I was writing this review, I discovered that this book is actually a prequel. Since I have not read the other book, it would not be fair of me to say that this book’s ending is inconclusive and has too many loose ends. Having said that, I guess I could say that though this book can be enjoyed as a standalone, it is necessary to read the other book first in order to fully appreciate the story.

The plot is quite common but still interesting because it’s prevalent in real life and almost every reader is familiar with the situation and can sympathize or even relate. The descriptions are painfully vivid that the scenes can be difficult to read at times and the characters seem so alive you can almost see them in your mind. Though the ending is a cliffhanger, the readers can simply read the other book for the conclusion.

I wish I could say I enjoyed this book but that would not be entirely true. Admittedly, this is a good book. It is interesting and provocative. It is also well written. However, it is a very painful book to read. If that is the objective of the author, then, I could say she is quite successful. Needless to say, it is not for faint-hearted readers who prefer happy endings and feel-good stories. It is a serious book about abuse, pain, suffering, anger, and hate.

Congratulations to RaShell Lashbrook (@PoppyJuiceBlog) on such a good book. For more books by the author, click HERE.   

August 13, 2020

Death Donor by Matt Ward

Death Donor is an exciting and suspenseful dystopian, techno-thriller written by Matt Ward.

At a time when the rich can opt to live for as long as they want and the poor sell their organs to feed their family, Samantha Jones, Special Forces veteran, is lucky to be employed as bodyguard by biotech billionaire Ethan Anderson. Anderson is the founder of Defying Death Industries whose vision is to rid the world of death and suffering by harvesting healthy organs from poverty-stricken citizens, who fall in line to sell body parts in order to survive, to improve the health and prolong the lives of wealthy individuals.

Fortunately for Sam, her job with Ethan allows her and her family to live a life that does not require selling vital organs. One night, however, Sam’s daughter is abducted and her body parts are sold. Her husband kills himself shortly after. Shaken by the immeasurable pain of her loss, Sam vows to take them down, all of them, the elites who play god.   

This is a heart-wrenching and thought-provoking story that questions the readers’ own moral values. It highlights the distinction between the lives of the rich and the poor and raises a very important question whether it is justifiable to exact revenge on oblivious individuals just because they are part of a biased system that favors the wealthy. The readers would find themselves rooting for Sam as she hunts down her perceived enemies while asking themselves if she is doing the right thing after all.

In addition to the very interesting plot is the set of well-developed characters. There is Ethan Anderson, the genius who doesn’t understand why other people would choose death when they have an option to live forever. Then, there is Sam who a lot of readers may sympathize with, and finally there is Sen. Schmidt who, I think is the most likable and relatable of all. Though I find some scenes a little too smooth for thriller, I enjoyed them nonetheless and though the ending is less conclusive than I hoped, it’s quite satisfactory.

Congratulations to Matt Ward (@mattwardwrites) on such an enjoyable book! For more books by the author, click HERE.    

June 27, 2020

Wild-Born by Adrian Howell

Wild Born is a suspenseful, young adult, paranormal, thriller and the first book in the Psionic Pentalogy created by Adrian Howell.

When an accident renders twelve-year old Adrian immobile, he begins to develop telekinetic ability, that he has long suspected he has but not proven until now. Shortly after, however, his home is attacked and he finds himself separated from his sister, Cat.

He soon learns that he is a psionic, a human with special ability, and that there are more like him. After the catastrophic night that changed his seemingly normal life, Adrian ends up a fugitive depending heavily on his wit and undeveloped ability for survival and hunted by paranormal factions, each intent on having him on its side.

This is an exciting and suspenseful paranormal thriller that easily calls X-Men to mind. It portrays various human traits, emotions, and behaviors such as compassion, kindness, and unconditional love. It also depicts bigotry, prejudice, and discrimination. It shows that family is not limited to blood relations but those who are with you when you need them the most.

Scenes are carefully described in detail including chasing and fighting scenes. Characters are well-developed and accurately depicted like benevolent Cindy, naïve Adrian, and unpleasant Dr. Denman. Though the ending is less conclusive than my usual taste, it is understandably so.

Congratulations to Adrian Howell on such an exciting and enjoyable book. Some scenes, however, may be too violent for very young readers. For more books by this author, click HERE.

June 11, 2020

Derailed by Mary Keliioka

Derailed is an interesting and suspenseful thriller novel, and the first in the Kelly Pruett Mystery Book Series created by Mary Keliioka.

Private Investigator Kelly Pruett feels elated and apprehensive at the same time. She just meets the client that gives her her very first real private investigating job since she inherited the detective agency from her father. Though the idea is quite exciting and, somehow, heightens her level of empowerment, at the back of her mind, she isn’t altogether confident that she can actually do the job. However, her father’s dying request makes the decision for her.

As per her client’s request, Kelly needs to get to the bottom of a case viewed by the police as an unfortunate drunken accident. To find out whether the victim was struck by the train due to her inebriation or she was murdered, Kelly sets up a meeting with the sole witness at the bar where the victim was last seen alive. Sadly for Kelly, however, the witness does not show up.

This is a suspenseful thriller novel mixed with domestic issues, women empowerment, and a little bit of romance. Just like other books of this genre, the author develops the plot by presenting an insignificant amount of clues as far as the case is concerned, but with the protagonist’s unwavering determination and unbelievable level of tenacity, possible suspects and possible motives begin to surface. The author successfully keeps the suspense by introducing shocking twists and unexpected turns of events that culminated in a satisfying climax.

The characters are well-developed and are very relatable especially Kelly. In this day and age when more and more women are beginning to discover their self-worth, I can imagine a lot of female readers who can actually empathize with the main character. Scenes and settings are depicted vividly as well as the behaviors and emotions of each character.

All in all, this is a great thriller novel and I recommend it to fans of this genre.

Congratulations to Mary Keliioka  (@mary_keliikoa) on such a great and enjoyable book. I’m looking forward to the next book in the series. For more information about this author, click HERE     

June 5, 2020

Everyone Needs a Hero: Why Can't It Be You by Aimé Mukendi, Jr.

Everyone Needs a Hero: Why Can’t It Be You? is an inspiring and an encouraging book written by Aimé Mukendi, Jr.

This book is about the extraordinary transformation of the author from someone who is in love with his own ego to the person that he is today, a motivational speaker, life coach, social media influencer, entrepreneur, radio show host, blogger, and book author.

The author begins by narrating a life-altering event that happened to him a year ago. The event marks the death of something in him and the birth of something else. It is followed by a short story of his early life with apparent emphasis on the role of his hero, his mother.

The rest of the book, essentially, encourages the readers to find their purpose in life and offers suggestions on how to do it. Aside from his personal experiences, the author shares other lessons he learned in his own journey through life including Benjamin Franklin’s 13 Virtues and Earl Nightingale’s spoken word record, The Strangest Secret. The book also features quotes by Abraham Lincoln, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Albert Einstein, and quotes by the author himself.

All in all, this is an encouraging and inspiring book. In this age and time when people find it easier to conform and people live to compete with others, it is a book that may help readers to focus on self-examination, and, consequently, self-improvement.

I find it perfect for young adults. Millennials who know LeBron James, Kanye West, Will Smith, and Kevin Hart would probably relate to the author and some of the things he went through while growing up.

However, those who have already read books by Napoleon Hill, Rhonda Byrne, Og Mandino, etc. may not find anything new from this book.

Nevertheless, I find this book very encouraging and the author seems to be very promising. Congratulations to Aimé Mukendi, Jr. (@SirAimezing) on such a well-written book. To learn more about the author, click HERE!