February 29, 2020

A World Beyond by Marc Remus

A World Beyond is the sixth and final installment of the magical, fantasy, children’s book series Magora created by Marc Remus.

Holly O’Flanigan and her friends Amanda, Brian, and Rufus follow the evil Duke of Cuspidor and his army of Unfinished into a painting and enter a whole new world where a small group of creatures, the Cenamels, are hiding somewhere. These creatures are protecting a very powerful, magical item that may tip the scales in favor of Cuspidor and may cause the destruction of Magora.

Equally important to Holly as the future of Magora is the possibility of finding the double of her grandfather, Nikolas, who may hold the answers to Holly’s questions. Little does Holly know that there are far more shocking secrets waiting to be discovered.

More intense, more exciting, and more suspenseful than any of the previous five installments, this book offers fiercer and more matured Holly O’Flanigan. Moreover, it features more page-turning chasing scenes and more rousing battle scenes as well as scenes displaying advanced magic.

However, though I, immensely, enjoyed this final book in the series, it leaves me with a tiny pinch in my heart. First, I find Rufus’s participation very minimal compared with Brian’s and Amanda’s. Second, there are too many “how’s” and “why’s” that keep playing in my mind. Finally, I want to know more about what happened after. It seems like the author deliberately left it at that to give the readers the freedom to imagine how the story might have played out. If that were the case, then, the author successfully did just that.

Congratulations to Marc Remus (@MarcRemusArt) on such a great book! Though it would, undoubtedly, be enjoyed by young and old children alike, some scenes may be too horrid for very young children. For more books by the author, click HERE.