October 27, 2016

The Origin of F.O.R.C.E. by Sam B. Miller II

The Origin of F.O.R.C.E. is the first book in the science fiction series of the same title and the first novel written by Sam B. Miller II.

In 1947, a scout ship of the Chrysallaman Empire was unexpectedly brought down in the desert in New Mexico. It was carrying a crew of lizard-like aliens from the planet Chrysalis looking out for a planet to colonize. Apparently, the Chrysallaman race had more advanced technology, as evident by their ship and weapons, in addition to superior strength and psychic ability.

When the scout ship went down, the mother ship was forced to return to their home planet leaving behind their downed scout ship and a young alien boy. With their planet 30 light years away, it would take at least 60 years for the Chrysallamans to come back and colonize planet Earth.

An elite group of military personnel and brilliant scientists was brought together to come up with the best defense against the more advanced technology and mind control ability of the Chrysallamans.  In order to accomplish this, they have to employ the aid of the scared, lonely and lost lizard boy who was far away from home.    

This is an exciting, suspenseful and fast-paced science fiction novel. Written in casual manner, the story is easy to read and understand. The main point of the story is the preparation of the best defense against the alien race which could possibly be accomplished by first replicating the alien’s weaponry and second creating a generation of humans with unique abilities to stand up against the stronger and mind-manipulating alien race. Since it is told chronologically, the suspense builds up as the story goes and nears the estimated time.

The author created a group of admirable characters who dedicated their lives to the mission of saving the planet: a Xenobiologist, a Biogeneticist, an Astro-physicist, a weapons expert, an electronics whiz, a military tactician and a brave and intelligent military officer.  

However, in addition to a few typo errors, I found some of the physics and biology involved too technical for me. Moreover, some scenes, especially violent ones may be not be suitable for young readers.

Congratulations to Sam B. Miller II (@SamBMillerII ) on such an awesome novel! 

October 21, 2016

All's Fair in Love and War by J Theron

All’s Fair in Love andWar is a romantic fiction written by J Theron.         

Dr. Gabrielle Durand and Capt. Ryan Evans met in Afghanistan. Not only was Gabrielle Ryan’s doctor, she was also the love of his life. Gabrielle, in turn, loved Ryan with all her heart and promised never to stop loving him. So, when she left him without any explanation, he was crushed.

Three years had passed after that painful event and Ryan is now working as an agent for the CIA. When he is summoned in his immediate superior’s office, he receives two mind-blowing revelations. First, that Gabrielle has kept a secret from him and second, she is kidnapped by a Colombian drug cartel and he is the most qualified person to rescue her from her captors.

This is a beautiful love story told in alternating chapters between the present and the past. The author was able to depict the bitter-sweet reunion of Gabrielle and Ryan while simultaneously recounting the romance of three years ago. This proves to be a brilliant strategy as the reader is kept in suspense and not only anxious over the escape of the reunited former lovers but also eager for more details on how they broke up.

The settings are vividly described and the dialogues are realistically worded. In addition, the pacing is steady and the narrative concise and cohesive thus easy to read because of the absence of unnecessary details and scenes. The characters are admirable and endearing especially the main protagonists. Gabrielle is smart, brave, with high moral values and passion for work while Ryan is heroic, resolute and loyal, to his country and to his heart.

Though I think some scenes are a little predictable, I found it acceptable and would not want it any other way.

Congratulations to J Theron (@junet_theron) on such a great and absolutely romantic book.          

October 16, 2016

Out of the Box Everlasting by Jennifer Theriot

Out of the Box Everlasting is the third book in the Out of the Box Series by Jennifer Theriot.

A tragic news confronts newly engaged couple Ash Harper and Olivia Petersen as soon as they get back from a romantic vacation abroad. Hayden, one of Ash’s children, gets in a terrible accident in Seattle harbor. The accident leads to the discovery of a deep dark secret Ash has been keeping away from his children.

Just when Ash needs her most, Olivia has to be somewhere else. When the couple is finally reunited, a decision hastily made by Ash upsets Olivia and makes her feel betrayed. Olivia is suddenly haunted by her painful past and feels the need to get away.      

This is not just a romantic fiction but a great story of true love. It features realistic and relatable characters who suffer from ‘demons from their past’ but still hold on to the love they have for each other. The most prominent theme of the story is familial love as Ash’s and Olivia’s children blend into one big happy family.

With a steady pace, the story is full of twists and turns as well as shocking surprises. It is an easy read with realistic dialogues and vivid descriptions with love scenes carefully depicted.

However, I had difficulty keeping track of the characters, whose child is who, who is married to whom, who is what and who lives where. It, probably, would have been better if I had read the first two books in the series. Moreover, I felt kind of uneasy reading about not very young people making out. Nevertheless, this is one great book of love and I enjoyed it a lot.

Congratulations to Jennifer Theriot (@JenTheRiot ) on such a great book. Click HERE for more books by the author.

October 10, 2016

Lost Coast Rocket by Joel Horn

Lost Coast Rocket is the first book in the Mare Tranquillitatis Series written by Joel Horn.

Ken O’Brien has always found it difficult to be around kids his age. For one, he is way smarter than they are and second, his interest, astronautics, is different from theirs. So, when he meets Akira, he finally finds someone who shares his passion.

Unlike Akira, however, Ken displays nonconformity when it comes to formal education despite his brilliant mind, and he would rather spend more time in his grandfather’s shop. Together with Akira, Ken forms a group of rocket enthusiasts.

Unbeknownst to everyone except for Akira, however, a tragic event in Ken’s young life leaves him with feelings of guilt and inadequacy. When the girl from the past shows up in the shop and joins his rocket club, she stirs up not only painful memories but also new and unfamiliar emotions from Ken.

This is a fast-paced and very exciting YA fiction that keeps the reader hooked. A group of teenagers working together on their common passion is unusual in this age when young people are wasting their time on Facebook and video games. Their sense of adventure is contagious and their determination to see their mission through is laudable. The romance aspect of the story is sweet and just appropriate for the target audience.   

The writing is casual and easy to read while the descriptions are minutely detailed. The dialogues, especially among the members of the group, are for the most part funny, while those between parents and children are realistic.

The characters are well-developed that it is easy to determine who is talking, from Ken, the silent leader whom the group looks up to and Akira, the quiet brainiac who knows what he wants, down to the other members of the group.

However, I found some of the explanations too technical and the few noticeable misplaced modifiers distracting. I may not like the ending very much but I know it is necessary in preparation for the next book.

Congratulations to Joel Horn on such an amazing book! Looking forward to reading the next one in the series. For more of his books, visit JOEL HORN, AUTHOR.       

October 4, 2016

Annie's 1st Break by Willee Amsden

Annie’s 1st Break is the first book in The Annie Mc Cauley Romantic Comedy Mysteries written by Willee Amsden.

Rayanne ‘Annie’ Mc Cauley, from Mesa View Mobile Home Park in Texas, dreams to make it big in the fashion world and comes to New York City. Standing 5 feet and 9 inches tall and weighing 108 pounds, she could be on the cover of Women’s Wear Daily.

However, on her way to a very important interview with the sexy CEO of Di Ponti Cosmetics and Fashions, Tomi Di Ponti, she comes face to face with Brittany Carstairs, her arch-enemy all the way from Mesa View and ends up in an extremely embarrassing situation that might cost her her dream job.

This is one hilarious work of fiction that will make the reader laugh out loud at almost every page. The scenes are vividly described in all its chaotic glory while the dialogues between characters are so natural the reader can join in. Each character is fascinating in his or her own way. We have hot tempered Annie, the female protagonist who has the rare talent of getting herself in trouble. Luis is Annie’s Latino and loyal best friend and make-up artist. Brittany is Annie’s gorgeous and super sexy but devious arch nemesis who goes to all the trouble to make Annie pay for what she thinks Annie owes her. Tomi is Annie’s sexy and seductive boss and Luther is Annie’s handsome and stealthy body guard. Even the secondary characters are given their moments, like Uncle Joe, Florio, Vito, Tony and Paulie, Nonnie, Annie’s Mama and Daddy, Ida Grolsch and even Evie Carstairs.  

However, I prefer smarter female protagonists than Annie. I want my heroine to be always one step ahead of anybody. Considering, though, that this is a comedy series, then, Annie is perfect for the part.

Congratulations to Willee Amsden (@WilleeAmsden) on such a great book. Click HERE for more books on this series.