October 4, 2016

Annie's 1st Break by Willee Amsden

Annie’s 1st Break is the first book in The Annie Mc Cauley Romantic Comedy Mysteries written by Willee Amsden.

Rayanne ‘Annie’ Mc Cauley, from Mesa View Mobile Home Park in Texas, dreams to make it big in the fashion world and comes to New York City. Standing 5 feet and 9 inches tall and weighing 108 pounds, she could be on the cover of Women’s Wear Daily.

However, on her way to a very important interview with the sexy CEO of Di Ponti Cosmetics and Fashions, Tomi Di Ponti, she comes face to face with Brittany Carstairs, her arch-enemy all the way from Mesa View and ends up in an extremely embarrassing situation that might cost her her dream job.

This is one hilarious work of fiction that will make the reader laugh out loud at almost every page. The scenes are vividly described in all its chaotic glory while the dialogues between characters are so natural the reader can join in. Each character is fascinating in his or her own way. We have hot tempered Annie, the female protagonist who has the rare talent of getting herself in trouble. Luis is Annie’s Latino and loyal best friend and make-up artist. Brittany is Annie’s gorgeous and super sexy but devious arch nemesis who goes to all the trouble to make Annie pay for what she thinks Annie owes her. Tomi is Annie’s sexy and seductive boss and Luther is Annie’s handsome and stealthy body guard. Even the secondary characters are given their moments, like Uncle Joe, Florio, Vito, Tony and Paulie, Nonnie, Annie’s Mama and Daddy, Ida Grolsch and even Evie Carstairs.  

However, I prefer smarter female protagonists than Annie. I want my heroine to be always one step ahead of anybody. Considering, though, that this is a comedy series, then, Annie is perfect for the part.

Congratulations to Willee Amsden (@WilleeAmsden) on such a great book. Click HERE for more books on this series. 


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