April 30, 2019

Third Eye: 7 Techniques to Open Your Third Eye by Andrew Black

The book has thirteen relatively short chapters. It defines the Third Eye and describes its location, discusses the benefits of opening the Third Eye, offers techniques and exercises on how to open the Third Eye and sharpen psychic abilities, and introduces aura and various aura colors.

Among the various ways to open the Third Eye the author offers include chanting, mindfulness, and use of crystals. In addition, he also presents ways to take care of the chakras such as yoga, breathing exercises, and proper food. Moreover, he discusses the Eightfold Path to find happiness.            

Personally, I find this book very interesting. Basically, it is an easy read. Apparently, the author endeavors to make the explanation easily understood. By sharing his own experiences, he makes the book sound personal and makes the readers feel more at ease in reading such a mystical subject. He makes the topic sound common and non-magical. He is also very honest and straightforward regarding skeptics and non-believers as well as those overly expectant. The techniques are simple and doable and the exercises are described carefully and in detail.

Except for several noticeable errors, I enjoyed this book a lot.  

Congratulations to Andrew Black on such an interesting and informative book!

April 23, 2019

The Aura Reading Handbook by Loren G. Tindall

The Aura Reading Handbook is an informative and helpful self-help book written by Loren G. Tindall.

The book begins by describing ‘aura’ as the field of vital energy that surrounds all matter, or anything we would consider to be of this physical world. She, then, moves on and gives a brief background on aura including concepts and theories, frequency of auras, interaction of auras, and practicable exercises to increase rapport, protect aura from psychic vampires, and cleanse auras.

The author takes time to discuss chakras which are the centers of energy that receive, transform, and distribute the universal life force throughout the body. They are the sources of energy perceived as the colors of the aura. Among the important topics that the author includes in the book are the Classic Aura Color Scheme (red, pink, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet. Silver, gold, white, black, gray, and brown) how to sense auras, identifying the colors in your aura (by asking, dowsing, and calculating), programming aura for a better future, using aura to improve love life, using aura to improve heath, and using aura to attract prosperity.

This is a great book. It is written in conversational yet instructive tone which makes it easy to read and understand. The exercises are clearly explained making them quite practicable. The explanations are concise and straightforward. Quite possibly, the information presented in the book is strategically limited to avoid information overload but enough to pique the interest of the readers. If that is the objective, then, it works for me.

Congratulations to Loren G. Tindall on such an interesting book!