July 8, 2021

Dangerous Secret by Jessica Lauryn


Dangerous Secret is a romantic thriller and the first in the Pinnacles of Power Series created by Jessica Lauryn.

Abigail MacKenzie is a pretty, sweet, and hard-working young woman with her own share of pain and grief. All she wants is to put those pain behind her and be a great teacher. But when she learns about a murder that recently took place, everything comes back to her. And as if she is being shoved to a specific direction, a stranger with thick black hair and deep blue eyes leaves something that reminds her of the elusive justice her father is owed.

When the stranger, Ryan Newberry, turns out to be her new boss at the Washington Valley Hotel, things get tricky for Abigail. Then, tricky becomes chaotic, and then dangerous.    

This is an exciting and suspenseful romantic thriller that urges the readers to keep reading. The author successfully makes the readers to want to find out the who’s and the why’s. Details are dropped a little at a time making the story interesting and suspenseful. It is difficult to choose the most likeable character as there are many. Some readers may opt for the sweet, tough, and brave Abigail who is willing to do everything to get the justice she deserves, while others may cheer for the secretive and protective Ryan who is hell-bent on keeping Abigail safe. In general, this is one enjoyable romantic thriller.

However, other readers may find the romance part a bit cliché, especially the frequent arguments and the endless secrets between the male and female protagonists. Furthermore, the cliffhanger ending may be a bit of a put off for readers who prefer more palpable conclusion even for a book series.

Congratulations to Jessica Lauryn (@JessicaLauryn_) on a suspenseful and exciting book! For more books by the author, click HERE.