June 27, 2020

Wild-Born by Adrian Howell

Wild Born is a suspenseful, young adult, paranormal, thriller and the first book in the Psionic Pentalogy created by Adrian Howell.

When an accident renders twelve-year old Adrian immobile, he begins to develop telekinetic ability, that he has long suspected he has but not proven until now. Shortly after, however, his home is attacked and he finds himself separated from his sister, Cat.

He soon learns that he is a psionic, a human with special ability, and that there are more like him. After the catastrophic night that changed his seemingly normal life, Adrian ends up a fugitive depending heavily on his wit and undeveloped ability for survival and hunted by paranormal factions, each intent on having him on its side.

This is an exciting and suspenseful paranormal thriller that easily calls X-Men to mind. It portrays various human traits, emotions, and behaviors such as compassion, kindness, and unconditional love. It also depicts bigotry, prejudice, and discrimination. It shows that family is not limited to blood relations but those who are with you when you need them the most.

Scenes are carefully described in detail including chasing and fighting scenes. Characters are well-developed and accurately depicted like benevolent Cindy, naïve Adrian, and unpleasant Dr. Denman. Though the ending is less conclusive than my usual taste, it is understandably so.

Congratulations to Adrian Howell on such an exciting and enjoyable book. Some scenes, however, may be too violent for very young readers. For more books by this author, click HERE.

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