June 1, 2020

The Reflecting Pool by Otho Eskin

The Reflecting Pool is an exciting and suspenseful crime and thriller novel written by Otho Eskin.

Homicide Detective Marko Zorn, of Washington DC Metropolitan Police, knows that the body of a Secret Service agent found in the Reflecting Pool is not a typical drowning victim. For reason, unfathomable even to himself, Zorn knows the victim is murdered.

Fueled by his desire for justice and his inherent disregard for rules and protocols, Zorn proceeds with his investigation. Curiously, his effort to get to the bottom of the case is met with discouragement, lack of cooperation, and even hostility from the departments he believes should, at the very least, show more keenness in catching the perpetrator.    

This is a suspenseful thriller that features a multitude of subjects including organized crime, domestic terrorist group, long-buried crime, and secret liaisons. The author is able to keep the plot interesting and suspenseful by throwing in seemingly unrelated scenes and putting them together in one explosive climax and a satisfying denouement. 

Moreover, the author is able to successfully describe, in detail, not only the scenes, ie police interviews, confrontations, chasing, and fighting; but also the behavior and personality of each character. Unlike other authors who use descriptive words to portray characters, Otho Eskin depicts people through their attitudes and manners of speaking. Finally, though Detective Mark Zorn is not my idea of an ideal protagonist, with his vanity, materialism, and moral code, I would say I have seen worse. And though it’s difficult to see past his character, I think that is what makes him, somehow, realistic and relatable.

Congratulations to Otho Eskin (@OthoEskin) on such an enjoyable book! For more books by the author, click HERE.         

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