December 31, 2018

I Can See Peace by Julie Penshorn

I Can See Peace is a beautiful children’s book written by Julie Penshorn and illustrated by Jeanine-Jonee Keith.

In this lovely and colorful book, the author shows the readers how peace can be found everywhere. It also shows how it can be interrupted by fights among people. Most importantly, however, the book shows that peace can be found from within any person because anybody has what it takes to solve things in a peaceful way.

It is a charming book for children that shares an important message, that peace can be found anywhere, and though peace is sometimes difficult to come by, it is achievable as long as we are willing to search for it and work for it. The colorful illustrations help young readers to internalize how easy it is to find peace and make peace.

Congratulations to Julie Penshorn (@sunbornstables) on such a lovely book.

December 29, 2018

The Uprising by Marc Remus

The Uprising is the fourth book in the magical children’s fantasy book series, Magora, created by Marc Remus.

Due to an unexpected and shocking discovery about her foster family, Holly, together with her friends Amanda, Brian, and Rufus, urgently goes back to the fantasy world of Magora.

While on their way, they spot a hoard of Unfinished at the banks of Lake Santima in addition to boatfuls of the same creatures heading for the island. As they take another route, they go through the dark forest and find the hidden city of the Woodspeople whom Grandpa Nikolas used to live with.

They arrive at Magora and are met with a series of ominous news. Holly is not just expected to help out, but she is depended on to defeat the Unfinished and save Magora, quite a responsibility for a child, even a powerful Gindar.

The adventure and excitement continue as Holly and her friends go back to Magora to keep the fantasy island safe from the Duke of Cuspidor’s army of Unfinished. The author keeps the magic and excitement on high levels as he gives away a glimpse of the city of the Woodspeople and a slice of the secrets that Professor Kasmera has kept from everyone including the headmistress of Cliffony Academy of the Arts.

As fans of the Magora Book Series go deeper into this fantastical young adult fiction, they witness not only Holly’s gradual transformation from a scared orphan to a strong and courageous leader, but also the transition of the story from an entertaining and delightful read to a more serious and more profound saga that includes unexpected and shocking twists that showcase the author’s creative mind and writing skills.

Needless to say I enjoyed this fourth installment as much as I did the first three books, and I am looking forward to reading the fifth which will be featured on this blog in the very near future.

Congratulations to Marc Remus (@MarcRemusArt) on this exciting and amazing book! For more books by the author, please click HERE.    

December 18, 2018

Psychopath by Jefferey Dawson

PSYCHOPATH:Manipulation, Con Men and Relationship Fraud is an informative book written by Jefferey Dawson.

In addition to the Introduction and the Conclusion, the book has fifteen very interesting chapters. The author gives the definition of personality as well as the factors that affect the personality of an individual and the causes of personality disorders.

The book also enumerates various personality disorders which are divided into three clusters: Cluster A: Paranoid, Schizoid, and Schizotypal Personality DisorderCluster B: Antisocial (Psychopath), Borderline, Histrionic, and Narcissistic Personality DisorderCluster C: Avoidant, Dependent, and Obsessive Compulsive Personality Disorder.  

The author discusses the symptoms of a psychopath and the pre-psychopathic child, and includes the professions that the psychopaths find attractive. He also presents a few case studies.  

This is a very interesting, informative, and helpful book. By giving a detailed description of how a psychopath thinks and behaves, the author is able to give the readers an idea on how to spot a psychopath and by describing the worldview of a psychopath, he is able to emphasize how devastating and dangerous it is to live with one.

The book is, fortunately, concise and very easy to read and understand, and except for a short part that includes some statistics in the first chapter, everything about this book is quite interesting and, probably, relatable to a lot of people. Except for several noticeable errors, I like everything about this book.  

Congratulations to Jefferey Dawson on such an interesting and helpful book. For more books by the author, click HERE!

December 16, 2018

Thomas Wildus and the Book of Sorrows by J. M. Bergen

Thomas Wildus and the Book of Sorrows is an exciting young adult fantasy novel and the first book in the Elandrian Chronicles written by J. M. Bergen.  

Thomas Wildus is turning thirteen. He is a fine boy who loves books, chess, doodle-wars with his best friend Enrique, hanging out with his mother, and magic. It might sound stupid but Thomas believes magic is real. That’s what his father said anyway, before he disappeared seven years ago.

So, when Thomas discovers a strange bookshop downtown, he is so thrilled to be offered an ancient and mysterious book, The Book of Sorrows, by an equally mysterious man. Borrowing the book, however, comes with a set of rules which include absolute secrecy. Consumed by an inexplicable desire to read the book, Thomas willingly agrees.

As soon as he reads the book, however, strange things begin to happen. Thomas is pulled into a strange new world and learns something about his family. And this is just the beginning.

This is an exciting book about magic, family, and friendship. The story begins by presenting Thomas as a serious but fun-loving student, affectionate son, and a great friend. Then, mystery starts piling up as the plot thickens and the readers are sucked into the story. Scenes are described in meticulous detail particularly Thomas’s escape scheme somewhere in the middle of the book. Dialogues between characters, especially between Thomas and Enrique, are funny and realistic for boys their age and the closeness they share.

In addition to the interesting plot and exciting scenes are endearing characters, first of them, naturally, is Thomas. He is a smart and kind boy who is willing to stand up for others, a loving and reliable son, and a student of magic with admirable persistence and unwavering determination. Equally endearing are his best friend Enrique and the magician Squattapus. Finally, though this book is part of a series, the ending is satisfactorily conclusive.

Needless to say, I enjoyed this book immensely. However, I would have appreciated additional details on John Wildus, though I strongly believe there would be more about him in the next books.

Congratulations to J. M. Bergen (@JMBergen1) on such a great book!