December 16, 2019

Rose Hill by Pamela Grandstaff

Rose Hill is a suspenseful crime and thriller novel and the first in the Rosehill Mystery Series created by Pamela Grandstaff.

The peace and quiet of the pretty, little town of Rose Hill is disturbed when the murdered body of their most obnoxious citizen, Theo Eldridge, is found in the veterinary clinic. Upon investigation of the case, Police Chief Scott Gordon finds that there are too many people with scores to settle with Theo, and though his murder in not altogether unwelcome, it is, somehow, a relief. As the investigation progresses, the number of possible suspects rises up. Moreover, Scott realizes that his beloved Rose Hill is not as quiet and as pretty as it seems.

This is an exciting crime and thriller novel. It features multiple subjects including murder, blackmail, friendship, kinship, and illicit relationship, among others. By portraying the victim as a totally despicable and dishonorable person, the author elicits mixed emotions from the readers: extreme dislike, if not hate, for Theo; sympathy for Chief Gordon, empathy for particular characters like Ava, Sean, and Enid, and overall excitement for the case to be solved.

Though the premise is far from unique, the glimpse in the life and personality of each character is enough to keep the readers interested. Character development is well-done and complete with realistic manner of speaking and choice of vocabulary. Finally, though I find the ending a bit anticlimactic, it opens doors for possibilities and more promising books in the series.

Congratulations to Pamela Grandstaff (@RoseHillMystery) on such a great book. For more books by the author, click HERE.

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