April 28, 2017

Genna's Fight by Sheldon D. Newton

Genna’s Fight: Will SheBe Able to Discover Her True Self and Get Her Son Back in Time by Sheldon D. Newton is a poignant story of one woman’s triumph over adversity and how she wins back her self-respect and more.

After years of physical, emotional and psychological abuse from her husband, Genna finds herself alone and homeless. A chance encounter with a kind and friendly truck driver, Reggie, takes her to a safe haven for battered women in California. However, Genna’s newfound peace and safety is marred by a deep longing for her son whom she is forced to leave behind. Moreover, deep down Genna’s seemingly peaceful visage lurks a dark and painful secret that pierces her soul and refrains her heart from healing.

This is a touching and memorable story of one woman’s struggle as she tries to come out of the pit life throws her into. It depicts what simple acts of kindness and compassion can do to a broken heart and a battered soul. It shows how faith in God restores hope and gives strength as He empowers the weak with His steadfast love. Most importantly, the book shows how nothing is impossible with God by your side.

It is a story of friendship, kindness, faith, hope and success. It features different kinds of love: love of a mother, love of a child, love of a friend and love of God. Ultimately, this is an inspiring story and encouraging book that will tug at your heart and will stay in your mind for a while. The author creates admirable and endearing characters. Though Genna is the main protagonist, my favorite is Reggie. He is the kind of friend everybody hopes for.

Congratulations to Sheldon D. Newton (@sheldondnewton ) on such a great book. For more books by the author, click HERE

April 25, 2017

Loss of Reason by Miles A. Maxwell

Loss of Reason is Book 1 of State of Reason Mystery written by Miles A. Maxwell.

While Everon is excited over his new jet, his sister Cynthia doesn’t understand where her feeling of unease is coming from. Meanwhile, the Coast Guard cutter Penobscot registered a tiny blip on the scope but classified it as merely an aquatic vertebrate.  

Shortly after, as Cynthia, with her husband Steve and their baby girl Melissa, settles for the night, two sounds blend into one and a fireball illuminates the nighttime sky as a nuclear bomb is detonated in New York. As soon as Everon learns about the news, he tracks down his stepbrother Franklin, Cynthia’s younger brother, and prepares for a desperate rescue mission to find their sister.    

This is a suspenseful thriller that keeps the readers on the edge of their seats as they want for more action. The book realistically depicts people in desperate situations. Moreover, it presents how people show their true colors even in the midst of a catastrophic event. The author creates not only admirable and endearing characters but also unpleasant and hateful ones. I cannot decide which brother I like more, Everon or Franklin, as they are equally lovable.

Though it may be necessary to end the book the way it does, I prefer something more cheerful and less vague. Still, it is an enjoyable read perfect for fans of thriller and suspense.

Congratulations to Miles A. Maxwell (@MilesAMaxwell) on such an enjoyable read. For more books by the author, click HERE.

April 15, 2017

Thrown Away by Sheldon D. Newton

Thrown Away: No Mommy, No Daddy, Nobody Wants Me!!! is Book 1 of The Wanted Chronicles written by Sheldon D. Newton.

Ben is a handsome and very intelligent boy of eleven when he learns the painful truth about how he ended up in the orphanage. Feeling unloved and unwanted, Ben is embittered and turns against everyone around him, even the kind and motherly Matron Ann who raises him and loves him unconditionally.

Several years have passed and it seems like life is not going to be easy for Ben because he soon finds himself in a predicament where the only one he can ask help from is God.

This is a poignant, inspiring and encouraging story of love, faith, hope, sacrifice and determination. With a steady and consistent pacing, the story begins with very emotional and heart wrenching scenes. The book continues and introduces characters that play important roles in Ben’s life. Just when the readers feel that everything is going well, unexpected twists and turns of events change the mood of the story and the readers are gripped with mixed emotions ranging from pity, sadness, admiration and even anger towards Ben. Moreover, unlike some novels which make the reader feel he is part of the story, this feels like watching a scene unfold while listening to a great narrative.

Despite the lack of elaborate physical descriptions, the characters are very much relatable and my favorite among them is Mr. Hung. He is kind and fair and a good judge of character. He knows when to set his limits and knows when to reach out to a friend in need.

However, the settings of the story are not described in details which may make it difficult for some readers to visualize some scenes. Moreover, skeptical readers may find the story unrealistic and not at all unique but just an ordinary tale with overuse ‘rags-to-riches’ theme. Finally, there are several errors, mostly typos and misspelled words which may detract from the enjoyment of reading the novel.

Congratulations to Sheldon D. Newton (@sheldondnewton ) on such a great, touching and very inspiring book! For more books by the author, click HERE.

April 10, 2017

Dead Time by DL Orton

Dead Time is Book 3 of the Between Two Evils Series by DL Orton.

With her daughter, Shannon, being held captive in a dilapidated biodome inhabited by religious zealots, Lani decides to rescue Shannon, by herself. However, an accident in the Bub causes her to reconsider her plans and leave her daughter’s fate in the hands of someone else. Shannon, realizing how right her mother is, finds herself in a world where men greatly outnumber women and the very few women left treat her with contempt. In the midst of them is Peter, a beacon that shines brightly in Shannon’s life.

Meanwhile, Diego is faced with the greatest surprise of his life so far, and what more, he receives another note reminding him that his time is running out and instructing him to find the Magic Kingdom. 

The mystery and excitement continue in this third book. Consistently told in conversational tone with a fairly steady pacing, the story is just as exciting as the first two books, Crossing in Time and LostTime. DL Orton keeps the readers in suspense by alternating three subplots: Shannon in Catersville, Diego in C-Bay and Lani in the Bub. I find all subplots quite engaging, though with a teenage romance in the mix, Shannon’s story appears to be the most exciting. The other two, however, offer unexpected turns of events and surprising revelations that held me captivated until the end of the book. I find the ending very satisfying with one loose end tied up pretty neatly with a promise of more exciting events to come in the next book in the series.

Congratulations to DL Orton (@DL_Orton) on another great book! For more books by the author, click HERE.  

April 4, 2017

An Arabian Night by Garon Whited

An Arabian Night: Nazin’s Dream is a short but profound and very touching story about love, life and people written by Garon Whited.  

Nazin is a poet in the city of Baghdad who falls in love with a beautiful and skillful courtesan, Jezira to whom he spends lavishly. After his wealth is depleted, Nazin finds himself without Jezira, without money and without friends. More than the loss of his wealth, however, is a deeper sense of loss that leaves Nazin with a broken heart and makes him seek for freedom from pain and life itself in exchange for everything he has.

This is a wonderful book that subtly describes the various natures of men. In a very short story, the author is able to depict the meaning of love, greed, duplicity and desperation. Written in a formal style, that sounds like a classic novel, which clearly portrays settings as well as characters’ emotions, the book can be read in fifteen minutes but will stay in memory far longer.

The author creates minimal but memorable characters and two of them I find very endearing. To say that the ending is surprising is, for me, an understatement because I can say it is dumbfounding that I had to reread a few paragraphs back to fully comprehend what happened. Needless to say I enjoyed this short book a lot.

Congratulations to Garon Whited (@GaronWhited) on such an amazing book. For more books by the author, click HERE. 

April 3, 2017

Lost Time by DL Orton

Lost Time is the second book in the Between Two Evil Series written by DL Orton.

On his mission to save the love of his life, Diego travels in time. His malfunctioning time machine, however, delivers his pod up a tall evergreen tree. The climb down leads to an unfortunate incident and Diego wakes up with an injured head and several broken bones and lying on a hospital bed inside an aging biodome in an alternate universe. To top everything off, Diego learns that Isabel is not in any of the existing biodomes and his effort to save her is all in vain. 

Diego has nothing left to live for. However, his kind and caring but evasive doctor would not give up on him. With both of them nursing a painful past and both facing an uncertain future, they find solace in each other. Then Diego receives an unexpected note that says Isabel is still alive.

Just like the first book in the series, Crossing in Time, this is a very interesting and mind-boggling story that will keep the readers hooked from the first to the last page.  Every chapter offers new information, whether about the alternate universe or about a character. The author writes coherently and concisely that every detail is significant while every event is intense and engaging. The characters, both the pleasant and the unpleasant, are solidly developed and are distinctly portrayed.

However, just like the first book, I find none of the conflicts resolved. It seems like the author will keep the readers in suspense until the last book in the series. Though it holds my interest and makes me stay put for the next book, other readers may not be as patient. Moreover, this style of writing may prevent some readers from enjoying each book as a standalone.

Despite my unsatisfied curiosity, I enjoyed this book a lot, that I even felt a sting when it ended, and I recommend it to fans of sci-fi and romantic fiction.

Congratulations to DL Orton (@DL_Ortonon such a mind-boggling and very enjoyable book! For more books by the author, click HERE.