April 4, 2017

An Arabian Night by Garon Whited

An Arabian Night: Nazin’s Dream is a short but profound and very touching story about love, life and people written by Garon Whited.  

Nazin is a poet in the city of Baghdad who falls in love with a beautiful and skillful courtesan, Jezira to whom he spends lavishly. After his wealth is depleted, Nazin finds himself without Jezira, without money and without friends. More than the loss of his wealth, however, is a deeper sense of loss that leaves Nazin with a broken heart and makes him seek for freedom from pain and life itself in exchange for everything he has.

This is a wonderful book that subtly describes the various natures of men. In a very short story, the author is able to depict the meaning of love, greed, duplicity and desperation. Written in a formal style, that sounds like a classic novel, which clearly portrays settings as well as characters’ emotions, the book can be read in fifteen minutes but will stay in memory far longer.

The author creates minimal but memorable characters and two of them I find very endearing. To say that the ending is surprising is, for me, an understatement because I can say it is dumbfounding that I had to reread a few paragraphs back to fully comprehend what happened. Needless to say I enjoyed this short book a lot.

Congratulations to Garon Whited (@GaronWhited) on such an amazing book. For more books by the author, click HERE. 

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