April 15, 2017

Thrown Away by Sheldon D. Newton

Thrown Away: No Mommy, No Daddy, Nobody Wants Me!!! is Book 1 of The Wanted Chronicles written by Sheldon D. Newton.

Ben is a handsome and very intelligent boy of eleven when he learns the painful truth about how he ended up in the orphanage. Feeling unloved and unwanted, Ben is embittered and turns against everyone around him, even the kind and motherly Matron Ann who raises him and loves him unconditionally.

Several years have passed and it seems like life is not going to be easy for Ben because he soon finds himself in a predicament where the only one he can ask help from is God.

This is a poignant, inspiring and encouraging story of love, faith, hope, sacrifice and determination. With a steady and consistent pacing, the story begins with very emotional and heart wrenching scenes. The book continues and introduces characters that play important roles in Ben’s life. Just when the readers feel that everything is going well, unexpected twists and turns of events change the mood of the story and the readers are gripped with mixed emotions ranging from pity, sadness, admiration and even anger towards Ben. Moreover, unlike some novels which make the reader feel he is part of the story, this feels like watching a scene unfold while listening to a great narrative.

Despite the lack of elaborate physical descriptions, the characters are very much relatable and my favorite among them is Mr. Hung. He is kind and fair and a good judge of character. He knows when to set his limits and knows when to reach out to a friend in need.

However, the settings of the story are not described in details which may make it difficult for some readers to visualize some scenes. Moreover, skeptical readers may find the story unrealistic and not at all unique but just an ordinary tale with overuse ‘rags-to-riches’ theme. Finally, there are several errors, mostly typos and misspelled words which may detract from the enjoyment of reading the novel.

Congratulations to Sheldon D. Newton (@sheldondnewton ) on such a great, touching and very inspiring book! For more books by the author, click HERE.

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