April 25, 2017

Loss of Reason by Miles A. Maxwell

Loss of Reason is Book 1 of State of Reason Mystery written by Miles A. Maxwell.

While Everon is excited over his new jet, his sister Cynthia doesn’t understand where her feeling of unease is coming from. Meanwhile, the Coast Guard cutter Penobscot registered a tiny blip on the scope but classified it as merely an aquatic vertebrate.  

Shortly after, as Cynthia, with her husband Steve and their baby girl Melissa, settles for the night, two sounds blend into one and a fireball illuminates the nighttime sky as a nuclear bomb is detonated in New York. As soon as Everon learns about the news, he tracks down his stepbrother Franklin, Cynthia’s younger brother, and prepares for a desperate rescue mission to find their sister.    

This is a suspenseful thriller that keeps the readers on the edge of their seats as they want for more action. The book realistically depicts people in desperate situations. Moreover, it presents how people show their true colors even in the midst of a catastrophic event. The author creates not only admirable and endearing characters but also unpleasant and hateful ones. I cannot decide which brother I like more, Everon or Franklin, as they are equally lovable.

Though it may be necessary to end the book the way it does, I prefer something more cheerful and less vague. Still, it is an enjoyable read perfect for fans of thriller and suspense.

Congratulations to Miles A. Maxwell (@MilesAMaxwell) on such an enjoyable read. For more books by the author, click HERE.

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