October 21, 2016

All's Fair in Love and War by J Theron

All’s Fair in Love andWar is a romantic fiction written by J Theron.         

Dr. Gabrielle Durand and Capt. Ryan Evans met in Afghanistan. Not only was Gabrielle Ryan’s doctor, she was also the love of his life. Gabrielle, in turn, loved Ryan with all her heart and promised never to stop loving him. So, when she left him without any explanation, he was crushed.

Three years had passed after that painful event and Ryan is now working as an agent for the CIA. When he is summoned in his immediate superior’s office, he receives two mind-blowing revelations. First, that Gabrielle has kept a secret from him and second, she is kidnapped by a Colombian drug cartel and he is the most qualified person to rescue her from her captors.

This is a beautiful love story told in alternating chapters between the present and the past. The author was able to depict the bitter-sweet reunion of Gabrielle and Ryan while simultaneously recounting the romance of three years ago. This proves to be a brilliant strategy as the reader is kept in suspense and not only anxious over the escape of the reunited former lovers but also eager for more details on how they broke up.

The settings are vividly described and the dialogues are realistically worded. In addition, the pacing is steady and the narrative concise and cohesive thus easy to read because of the absence of unnecessary details and scenes. The characters are admirable and endearing especially the main protagonists. Gabrielle is smart, brave, with high moral values and passion for work while Ryan is heroic, resolute and loyal, to his country and to his heart.

Though I think some scenes are a little predictable, I found it acceptable and would not want it any other way.

Congratulations to J Theron (@junet_theron) on such a great and absolutely romantic book.          

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  1. nice story...matindi ang columbian drug cartel...pero lagot sila kay Duterte....