August 14, 2016

BUENO SILVA: Internationally Acclaimed FILIPINO Artist

Quite unheralded in his beloved country, BUENO SILVA, an internationally acclaimed Filipino-American artist, has been gracing the Unites States with his magnificent paintings since the late 1970s.
Son to Eulalio de Jose, Ramos y Silva and Macedonia Aragon, Narcida Y Bueno, this magnificent artist was born in Baguio City on August 20, 1941 and was named Eulalio Silva, Jr. When the war broke out, his family moved to Bautista, Pangasinan then to Gen. Santos City, formerly City of Dadiangas, in 1946.
As a young impoverished boy in Mindanao, Bueno Silva used to draw on any piece of paper he could find, but, in the absence of better art materials, it was a wonder how he managed to make his drawings as dramatic as he did, a fact which only emphasized his innate artistic talent. In high school, he drew pictures of his classmates and friends for a puny price allowing him to buy more and better art supplies.
With his unquestionable love for art, Bueno expressed his desire to study art in college. This desire did not enthuse his father, who wanted him to take up Bachelors Degree in Commerce, the degree he eventually earned from the University of the East.
His passion for art, however, remained in his heart, that sometime in the 1960s, he painted the portrait of the Venerable Mother Ignacia del Espiritu Santo, foundress of the RVM Religious of the Virgin Mary of the Philippines. He painted the portrait by referring to an old sketch of Her Venerable during her time in the 1600, by an unknown artist. The portrait, together with his paintings of the other past mother generals, is now in the archives of the RVM in Quezon City.
Unstoppable and armed with his unleashed talent, young Bueno Silva, barely 39 at the time, found his way in the United States where he had his first Art Exhibition in October 1979, thence began the prolific and successful career of the exceptionally talented Filipino artist. Among his famous masterpieces are his commissioned works on the late Pope John Paul II and the portrait of Pope Paul VI which was made into leaflets and calendars for distributions throughout the world; the late former US President Ronald Reagan, the late former Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos, the late Gen. Paulino Torres Santos and his portrait of Our Lady of Beaterio, which was commissioned by the RVM Religious of the Virgin Mary of the Philippines and was made into a Philippine postage stamps in 1985 and was published in the Catholic Digest.

In August of 2011, the De Paul University of Chicago acquired several paintings from twelve selected artists, seven of which are large paintings by Bueno Silva. The paintings are now housed in the new building of the Hall of Arts and are permanent collection of the university.
At present, Bueno Silva continues his process in paintings through Expressionism of his famous Negative and Positive composition and lives a productive and accomplished life in Chicago, USA with his wife, Patria. They have four married and responsible children. The eldest is Eulalio Fabie de Silva, also an artist, an exhibitor in Father and Son Tandem in Chicago. Fabie is married to Roseanne Rasmussen of mixed Italian and Sicilian descent and they have a son, Michael. Next is Mary Jane of Chicagonista. She is married to Chinese-American William Tam. They have three children. Then, there is Chicago Police Officer Joanne, a nurse. She is married to Hector Arreola, a Mexican American. They have one child. The youngest is Patrick, a cartoonist and caricaturist. He is married to Brenda, also a Mexican-American. They have two children, Fabian and Julissa.
(Left to Right) Fabie, Bueno, Patria, Patrick, Brenda, Roseanne
Fabian and Julissa
I am so honored to be distantly related to this great man. Imet him when I was young and I saw him up close as he did his magic on a blank canvas. I knew then that he is not an ordinary person like me. He is a genius and a pride to his family, relatives and countrymen.
Cheers to BUENO SILVA! Cheers to a great Filipino-American artist!

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