August 8, 2016

Disclosing the Secret by Vincent Amato

In 1947, Major Jesse Marcel was sent to investigate a crash site. Though the fragments were obviously not from this world, Major Marcel was ridiculed for mistaking a weather balloon for an extraterrestrial craft.

Seven decades later, Major Marcel’s grandson Jake e-mails a drawing of an engineering design inspired by his father’s bedtime stories about the crash. Shortly after, Jake suddenly becomes a person of interest to the National Security Agency.

The story is an action-packed, suspense filled book teeming with mind blowing revelations. It features possible answers to controversial questions like ‘Are we alone in the universe?’ and ‘Who really built the pyramids?’ It is a must-read for science fiction fans and an interesting reading material for engineering, science, history and genetics enthusiasts.

Congratulations to Vincent Amato (@VincentAmato) on such a great book!

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