July 3, 2016

Peter's Sisters by LM Foster

Peter's Sisters is an amazing book by LM Foster.

The story begins with Susan in the mental hospital. For her to get better, she is advised to write down her feelings on a composition notebook. So, she writes about how everything began.

She writes about Peter and the secret they keep. Then, she writes about Bonnie. Somehow, Susan wants to show the doctors that she is well and that she is telling the truth. Then, maybe they will release her and Bonnie will believe what she has been trying to tell her all this time. 

I love everything about this book. I love the plot. I find it very original. I love the characters. Peter is smart, quiet and charismatic. Susan is just as smart and tough for a girl. Her only flaw, that I see, is that she cares too much about Bonnie. Bonnie is devious and stupid. She only cares about herself. She probably cares about Susan but not because she really cares but only because she knows Susan cares about her.

The writing is superb, casual, smooth and easy to read. Most importantly, the book is very short and contains no irrelevant details nor any dull moments. 

Overall, this is one amazing read. Congratulations to LM Foster (@9thStreetPress) on such a great book!

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