June 30, 2016

Smiling Exercises, and other stories by Dan Malakin

Smiling Exercises, and other stories is a collection of 30 flash fiction written by Dan Malakin.

Some of the stories are funny, amusing and entertaining, but all of them are profound at some level and leave the readers thinking. I picked out some of my favorites which include: The Good Doctor, The Tree Sanctuary, DeelishAll the Animals, and Me; and Frances, Harry, Language, Love.

Most of the stories I found amusingBrian's Secret Vagina, Morning of the Friendly Dead, The Office Door Fiasco, Snap, The Great Laundry Mystery, Donald, My Favourite Onion Plant, End of? An Interview with Harold Salt, Celestial Fondue; A Dream About My Wife, Seconds Away, Dairy Queen, Brain Parasite, At Least It Could Get No Worse and My Brother, My Kidney, while others I found sadLilies, Mirror, Long Tongue, Twisted, Contributions and Waiting for Nothing.

Other stories may not have made an impression on me but may be enjoyable to other readers. 

The story telling is superb, catchy and engaging. In fact, I found myself wanting for more at the end of the book.

Congratulations to Dan Malakin (@DanMalakin) on such a great book!

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