June 24, 2016

Shadow Cell by Joseph D'Antoni

Shadow Cell is the 4th book in the Wade Hanna Series written by award-winning author Joseph D'Antoni.

After his two-month covert operation in Morocco, Wade is shocked to find that his former handler and girlfriend, Megan Winslow, has vanished. He strongly believes that her disappearance has something to do with her last mission. With everything he has and with everything he knows, Wade formulated a plan to find her. His search leads him to an orphanage in Argentina where children are experimented on to turn into walking biological weapons.

Basically, I like the plot. Moreover, I like the writing style: elaborate and detailed, exactly the way I want it. The settings are vividly described and the action scenes are masterfully depicted. 

In addition, there is a set of awesome characters. My favorite is the kind and generous Don Juan Carlos Mendoza, the wealthy Argentinian farmer who runs one of the largest farm operations. I also like Mario, the admirable Argentinian operative who helps Wade in his mission. 

All in all, I love the book and I hope other readers will enjoy it as much as I did.

Congratulations to Joseph D'Antoni (@dantonibooks) on such an amazing book!

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