June 20, 2016

Being Medusa: And Other Things That Suck by A. Lynn Powers

Being Medusa: And Other Things That Suck is a YA fiction written by A. Lynn Powers. The book is about a high school student from Grove High School, Medusa Gordon. She is gorgeous. She is smart. She likes making lists. She hates her classmate Thea and she is always sent to the school disciplinarian's office. What is so special about Medusa, though, is that she grows snakes out of her head and she can turn people to stone by staring at them.

Medusa is having a bad first day at school. First, she accidentally 'freezes' her English teacher and is sent to the school disciplinarian's office, again. Second, she catches her chemistry lab partner staring dreamily at her. She knows, however, that Donny is off-limits because he is Thea's boyfriend. Finally, by lunch period, while walking at the school parking lot, a new student hits her with his car.

I love this book. For one, I find the plot original, in this modern times. Second, it is written in a funny and casual way and third, it is packed with witty and realistic characters. I am so looking forward to reading the next book, Being Medusa: And other Nightmares.

Congratulations to A. Lynn Powers (@VivaLaToothy) on such an amazing book! 

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