July 28, 2016

Teepees and Trailer Parks by Hope Callaghan

Teepees and Trailer Parks is Book 1 of the Sweet Southern Sleuths Series written by Hope Callaghan featuring twin sisters Loretta and Lacy Sweet.

Loretta and Lacy inherit a southern style mini-mansion in Misery, Mississippi from their late Aunt Tess. In addition to the house is the adjoining property from where stand rental trailers and teepees.

The ball starts rolling when the twins meet with Aunt Tess’s attorney at the property and learn that there is a ‘stipulation’ regarding their inheritance. On top of that unexpected stipulation is the shocking discovery of a dead body in the bathtub of the house. Whose body is it? And who put it there?

With a natural propensity for solving mysteries, Loretta joins Uncle Ichabod as he goes around the neighborhood fishing for information that might shed some light on the mystery at hand. Until then, the twins, Uncle Ichabod, Savannah, Cameron and everybody else are suspect for the death of the body in the bathtub. 

Teepees and Trailer Parks is a short but highly entertaining and very enjoyable story that will keep you reading from the moment you start until the last page.

The plot, though simple, is stimulating. The characters are delightfully endearing. While Loretta is plump, smart, sweet and kind, Lacy is thin, sly, vain and superficial. Then we have Uncle Ichabod, Aunt Tess’s sprightly husband, Cameron Oglethorpe, the handsome attorney and Savannah Dogwood, the housekeeper.

Congratulations to Hope Callaghan (@Hope_Callaghan) on such a great book! Can't wait to read Book 2, Bag of Bones

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