July 15, 2016

Cyber Storm by Matthew Mather

Cyber Storm is a fast-paced, exciting, suspense novel written by Matthew Mather.

Two days before Christmas, a series of disasters strike New York City. Internet is down. Power is off, followed by a terrible snow storm. Mike Mitchell and his family and friends find themselves stuck in their apartment speculating what was going on. With food and water running out fast, they have to find ways to survive.

After only several days, the city of New York turned from frozen wasteland to war zone where formerly decent citizens resort to stealing, killing and probably worse and unthinkable acts.

I enjoyed this book immensely. For one, it made me contemplate on the possibility of this story coming true. Second, it made me realize how dependent we became to the internet. Third, it made me think of what life would be like without the wonder of electricity. Finally, it made me appreciate the simple pleasures of life like hot coffee, warm bath and clean clothes.

The writing is top rate; casual and easy to read and the characters are endearing. We have Mike, a simple guy but a loving husband and father; Chuck, the practical one who is the most prepared of them all; Damon, the wonder boy who keeps things going and Tony, the gentle and kind friend. However, I find the ending a little rushed and forced. Still, it is one great read.

Congratulations to Matthew Mather (@PhutureNews)on such an amazing book! 

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