February 28, 2017

Brainwalker by Robyn Mundell and Stephen Lacast

Brainwalker is an exciting science fiction fantasy novel written by Robyn Mundell and Stephan Lacast.

When Ms. Needleman rejected his initial idea for his science project, Bernard has to think of something else. To his consternation, his father, brilliant scientist Floyd Knifton, disagrees with his ideas. Since his mother’s death several months ago, disagreement between father and son has been frequent. Bernard wants his father to be more supportive while his father wants him to control his impulses.

After a disastrous science class which ends up at the Principal’s office, Bernard finds himself in his father’s office at work where he learns that there is something even more serious than his science project. Bernard panics, flees towards the particle accelerator and gets accidentally transported through a wormhole and ends up inside his father’s brain. There he meets creatures inhabiting his father’s left brain hemisphere. These creatures are in the verge of extinction because of the imbalance of mental energy which is trapped in his father’s right brain hemisphere.   

This is a fast paced, exciting and action filled novel that depicts how the brain functions. By animating the parts of the brain, the authors show how it works and explain why a person behaves a certain way.

The writing style is perfect for young readers, easy to read and understand. The authors are able to keep the story interesting and suspenseful up to the last chapter by gradually disclosing new information. Descriptions of the setting, inside a person’s brain, are detailed and creative while dialogues between characters are very realistic. Though only Bernard and his father are given enough back stories, the rest of the characters are easily relatable and the readers will find themselves rooting for the good guys.

All in all, this is a very creative, entertaining and informative story for young and old readers alike.

Congratulations to Robyn Mundell and Stephan Lacast on such a great book! For more information on this book, visit BRAINWALKER.

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