March 1, 2017

Yuri and The Legend of The Seventh Sea by Denis Boytsov

Yuri and The Legend of the Seventh Sea is a touching story written by Denis Boytsov.  

Yuri is a curious young fish that lives in the lake near the sea. One day, he learns about the legend of a paradise called the Seventh Sea. However, nobody knows if the Seventh Sea does exist. All of those who set out to find it never make it back. So, naturally, Yuri wants to go and nothing his parents and his brother say can make him change his mind.

This is a beautiful story about extraordinary courage and determination, facing everything that comes your way no matter how big or small, and always finding a way to go on. It is a story of faith, that is, believing something you do not see. It is also a story about friendship and family as Yuri meets new friends on his way to the mythical place. Most importantly, this is a story about love and contentment. The book depicts and once again proves that there is no place like home and that home is where the heart is.

The book is not only a perfect reading material but also a helpful tool to teach young children about virtues. It is beautifully written except for some noticeable typo errors. All the major characters are relatable especially Yuri, the curious young fish. The ending, though expected, is very satisfying.

Congratulations to Denis Boytsov on such an amazing book! 

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