March 24, 2017

Alpha Wolves by D.J. Swykert

Alpha Wolves is a touching and memorable historical romance novel and second of the Maggie Elizabeth Harrington Books written by D.J. Swykert.

Maggie Elizabeth Harrington is guilty. She is guilty for being happy over the funeral of James Stetter, the person who sent away Tommie, the love of her life.

It has been ten years since Maggie and Tommie ran away with a pack of wolf cubs to save the animals from a bounty hunter. Consequently, Tommie was sent East to study while Maggie was left in Central Mine, Michigan, to face the implication of their misadventure. To her rescue was Jeremy Paull, the strong and kind friend who never left her, who defended her and made her feel protected and special.

Maggie knows Jeremy Paull enjoys her company as much as she enjoys his. She also knows that she loves Jeremy but not as much as she loves Tommie. And now, Tommie is back for his father’s funeral, and when it comes to Tommie, Maggie is helpless.

This is a bitter-sweet story of love in the real sense of the word. Told in the first person perspective of Maggie Elizabeth, this is a very intense book that depicts a strong and intelligent woman who is torn between two men she deeply loves and her courage to deal with the situation she finds herself in.

Worded and phrased casually, the story is written in an easy to read style and the descriptions of Central Mine, Michigan can be easily visualized. The plot, though not exceptionally unique, is at some points suspenseful and becomes even more so because of an unpredictable turn of events near the end of the story. The author created a set of admirable and relatable characters among which my favorite is Jeremy Paull, the kind, strong and dependable man who loves deep and true.

However, in addition to some noticeable typo errors, I found the emphasis on Maggie’s love for Tommie repetitive and redundant. Still, this is one enjoyable story and I like it a lot.

Congratulations to D.J. Swykert (@djswykert) on such a great book! For more books by the author, visit DJ SWYKERT.

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  1. I really love wolfie type story where alpha, beta, omega involve XD ahahahhaha