March 5, 2017

Bad War by Summer Cooper and Stephen Kingston

Bad War is a military paranormal romance written by Summer Cooper and Stephen Kingston.

After getting seriously injured in Vietnam, Zebadiah Rasnake is sent home to West Virginia. Though he knows he still has two more years of military service, he is happy to be going back to his family: his mother, his beautiful wife Mary and their unborn child to their modest house up in the woods.

As soon as Zeb gets off the bus, he senses something off with the way the bus driver and the other passengers look at him. Limping and in terrible pain, Zeb takes the three-mile long walk to their house bursting with anticipation for the reunion. As he neared, however, there lingers a strange burned out smell that makes Zeb feel uncomfortable. But the moment he sees Mary standing at the gate, Zeb rushes to her arms and everything else is pushed away to the back of his mind.

This is a short and eerie book filled with nagging mystery and sizzling love scenes. The entire book is written in easy-to-read style with vividly described scenes and predominantly vernacular dialogues. The plot, though not exceptionally unique, is interesting and attention-grabbing. The subtle hints to the mystery keep the readers going and wanting to know more.

However, due to the shortness of the book, there seems to be not enough space for ample backstories to solidify character development and explicate events. Still, it is one interesting and entertaining book about love that transcends death and mocks the living.

Congratulations to Summer Cooper and Stephen Kingston on such a great book! For more books by Summer Cooper, click HERE.  

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