February 24, 2017

Embellished by Karen Glista

Embellished is Book 1 of the Chronicles of Orian written by Karen Glista.

In the midst of a terrible hurricane in Galveston, Texas, Travis and his critically ill sister Bekka, together with three others are magically transported to the beautiful but dangerous world of Orian, while playing an online game. Orian is inhabited by various races aside from humans. There are the Stouts, the Vaetters, the Kytes, the Eutracians and the ferocious and beastly creatures called the Vadarcs.

As soon as Travis realizes what happened, his first thought is to find a way back where they come from and leave the dangerous world they find themselves in. However, Bekka does not feel the same way, because she arrives in Orian in the best of health and with no sign of the dreadful disease that already claimed her mother’s life.

Will they find a way back to Galveston before they all fall prey to any of the dangers lurking in every corner of Orian?

Aside from the obviously great premise, this book has an amazing plot with unpredictable twists and surprising turns of events told in easy-to-read style. The descriptions of the setting are vividly detailed and so do the various scenes from fighting scenes to love scenes. The ending is a combination of resolved conflict and introduction of a new adventure for Book 2.

However, I can only name a few of the characters who are particularly likable, Randar and Ana, probably Travis but his role is smaller than I expected. Moreover, though the characters are mostly teenagers and the introductory subject is online gaming, the scenes of gore and violence as well as the detailed love scenes may be suitable for more matured readers.

Congratulations to Karen Glista (@ElizabethGlist1) on such an enjoyable book! For more books by the author, visit Karen Glista Books

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