February 10, 2017

Come on Home, Children by Victoria Randall

Come on home, Children is Book 2 of the Children in Hiding Series written by Victoria Randall.

The year is 2042. Under No Unwanted Children Act, anybody who wants to have an offspring is required to acquire a reproductive permit also called a baby license. Otherwise, the pregnancy is illegal and punishable by law.  

Is has been four years since Willa escaped from Renton Children’s Center. She lives with Adele, an older woman who took her when she was pregnant with her daughter Katy. Katy is now a smart nearly four-year old girl and Willa dreams of finding a stable job and a better home for them.

Willa’s hopes and dreams are shattered when she comes home to find Adele’s house locked, with Adele in jail and Katy under the custody of the Bureau of Population Management. She is willing to give everything she has and do everything she can to get Katy back. Being a non-person entity herself, Willa is powerless alone. But with loyal friends and a powerful ally rallying behind her, Willa dares to step up and reinvent herself to rescue the most important person in her life.

Unlike the first book in the series, Get on Board,Little Children, this has a slower pacing and is less suspenseful though just as intense and exciting. Moreover, the plot is a little more extreme while the romance part gives the book an entirely different appeal to readers, especially to those who enjoy a bit of heart-tickling scenes.

The characterization is great with the main protagonist, Willa, portrayed as a tough and strong woman and a patient and loving mother while her daughter Katy is a very smart and a very brave girl. The minor characters, which are given short but enough descriptions for backstories, each plays an important role. Casually worded throughout the entire story, the book is easy to read and understand.  

Needless to say, I enjoyed this book as much as I enjoyed the first one. Congratulations to Victoria Randall (@Entlover27) on another great book! For updates on this series, click HERE.

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