January 8, 2018

The Bellringer by William Timothy Murray

The Bellringer:Volume 1 of The Year of the Red Door is an exciting adventure and epic fantasy novel written by William Timothy Murray.

Robby Ribbon is a nice and fine lad in Passdale and the pride of his equally fine parents. When his cousin, Kingsman Ullin Saheed Tallin, asks him to perform a most unusual errand, Robby is eager to oblige. However, a few wrong turns along the road and an unfortunate encounter places him in an old fortress where he finds the Great Bell of Tulith Attis. Completely unaware of the significance of his actions and even of his mere presence at the old fortress, Robby inadvertently rings the bell and starts a series of events that will change not only his life but the fate of the entire Seven Realms.

Told in the third person perspective and with a consistently steady pacing, this book is an epitome of a great epic novel with no dull part or scene right from the first page down to the last. It features multiple themes including love, friendship, honor and courage among others. Settings and scenes are vividly described in minute details giving the book a movielike feeling.

Moreover, the author creates endearing, admirable and unforgettable characters first of which, of course, is Robby Ribbon, the kind albeit naïve bell ringer, a responsible son, a loyal friend, a faithful lover, and someone who always tries to do the right thing, a quality he got from his honorable parents.

What I enjoyed most about the book, besides the interesting plot and the delightful characters, is the concept of living with honor, credibility and high morals, as is the case of the entire Ribbon family. Mr. and Mrs. Ribbon are probably the best parents a child could have, the perfect neighbors and natural leaders. From these two characters alone a reader will learn a lot about how life is supposed to live.

It is, indeed, one great book. It is interesting, intense, exciting, unpredictable and undoubtedly well written. I recommend it to fans of fantasy novels especially those of The Lord of the Rings.

Enjoyable as the book is, however, it is not an easy read. It requires full attention to details, vast vocabulary and a healthy imagination to enjoy it to the fullest. Furthermore, reference to abuse and some violent scenes may not be suitable for very young readers.

Congratulations to William Timothy Murray (@WilliamInfodesk) on such a great book! For the next book in this wonderful series, check out TheNature of a Curse.

The Bellringer was an OnlineBookClub.org Book of the Day on December 29th, 2017. You may check it out at Online Book Club.

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