January 12, 2018

Maggie Elizabeth Harrington by D.J. Swykert

Maggie Elizabeth Harrington: I Live in TwoWorlds is the first in the Maggie Elizabeth Harrington Two Book Series created by D.J. Swykert.

Maggie Elizabeth is a sweet, loving and responsible thirteen year old girl who lives in two worlds, the real world and the dream world. She lives in the real world where her mother is dead and her father hardly talks to her. She lives in her dream world where everything is exactly how she wants it to be.

In an era when children are seen not heard; when girls learn to cook, sew and do household chores; and when wives wait for their husbands at home, Maggie Elizabeth questions the norm and struggles to break free by saving a pack of wolf cubs from a bounty hunter, with the help of Tommie Stetter, the love of her young life.

Told in the point of view of a thirteen year old girl in the 1890s, this is a poignant and memorable story of a motherless girl with only her grandmother to mentor her in womanly skills. The author successfully depicts the longing and confusion of a girl whose father prefers talking to God over talking to his daughter. Moreover, the story shows how Maggie Elizabeth, deprived of her father’s love but with her own heart full of love for others turns to a pack of wolf cubs, cares for them and does everything in her power to save them. Finally, the author realistically portrays the candor, audacity and intensity of young love. Anybody who has fallen in love at a young age could relate to Maggie Elizabeth: the power of a glimpse with unspoken promises, the weight of a smile that conveys everything the heart feels, the potency of first kiss and the prick of jealousy.

For such a relatively short book, the characters are remarkably well-developed that they almost seem real and living beings.

Congratulations to D. J. Swykert (@djswykert) on such an enjoyable book. To learn more abot Maggie Elizabeth and Tommie Stetter, check out Alpha Wolves.

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