January 23, 2018

Kitty Hawk and the Icelandic Intrigue by Iain Reading

Kitty Hawk and the Icelandic Intrigue is the exciting Book Three of the Kitty Hawk Flying Detective Agency Series created by Iain Reading.

Kitty’s flight-around-the world adventures continue in Iceland, the land of Vikings, volcanoes and ice. As she arrives in the capital city of Reykjavík, Kitty is greeted by Konrad Cooper and his beautiful family. Konrad is a resident of Iceland and is a friend of Charlie, Kitty’s friend and benefactor.

Just when Kitty is enjoying the pristine beauty of the Icelandic landscape, strange but delicious food and Icelandic hospitality, she is caught in the middle of an intrigue that throws her on the path of an environmental activist, a psychic, a paper plane enthusiast/researcher, dangerous criminals, corrupt government official, mystical beings and forces of nature.

More than the exciting and suspenseful scenes: the running, the shooting, the chasing, etc. I enjoyed not only the physical description of Iceland but also the information about the culture of this beautiful country. I am particularly amazed with Mannanafnanefnd or The Icelandic Naming Committee, the governmental body that regulates which names are allowed in Iceland. I would never know about that if not for this book. Another surprising information is the belief of the Icelanders in mystical beings like elves, trolls and hidden people. I’m from a superstitious country myself so I appreciate the respect that the Icelanders bestow on mystical beings.

Moreover, if I like Kitty Hawk in the first two books, I love her in this third installment. She is portrayed not only as a young but skilled pilot but also as a smart teenager with genuine interest in everything around her, dauntless and willing to try something new, and most importantly kind and self-sacrificing that she is willing to put her life at risk for the safety of others. She is undoubtedly a present-day teenage heroine that young people may look up to.

Aside from the difficult pronunciation of a few Icelandic vocabularies, which I believe can't be helped, and a few typo errors, I like everything about this book. I recommend it to young and adult readers alike.

Congratulations to Iain Reading (@IainReading) on another great book! For more books on this series, click The Kitty Hawk World.  

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