January 18, 2018

Curses of Scale by S.D. Reeves

Curses of Scale is an exciting fantasy novel written by S.D. Reeves.

The book starts with a druid on the run to finish a ritual to save his wife from a terrible curse. It, then, flashes back to his fifteen-year old wife, Niena, who wants so badly to be a bard, which is against her grandfather’s wishes.   

Attacks of a dreadful fire-breathing dragon throw the Empire into chaos and propel Niena through the fey realm. Guided by the lord of the fairies, Niena discovers things about herself she never knew before, first of which is the secret of the lyre she has in her possession.

Meanwhile, Niena’s grandfather, an army veteran, is on her trail with a few hunters leading a group of refugees. More than the safety of the people he is leading, he wants to be reunited with her granddaughter.

This is an exciting and action-filled fantasy novel with a very promising premise. Told in the third person and in alternating perspective between the druid Calem, Niena and Niena’s grandfather Marny, the book boasts of vividly described settings and moving and exciting action scenes. Unexpected revelations await the readers and the book culminates in a satisfactory ending.

However, I find the initial chapters too confusing making the story difficult to follow. Moreover, I find the pacing inconsistent that while some parts are exciting and suspenseful, other parts are dragging because of some details which I find either irrelevant or scrupulously described and that other readers may find too verbose. Furthermore, though the ending is very much to my liking, it leaves some questions unanswered. In addition, I find the use of figurative language, particularly that of personification, a little overdone. Finally, it feels strange to find the words ‘college and taxi services’ in the period described in this story.

Still, I find this book very enjoyable especially the action scenes, which make reading feels like watching a movie, and of course the unexpected revelations.

Congratulations to S.D. Reeves (@SD_Reeves) on such an enjoyable book! For more works by the author, click HERE. 

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