September 17, 2016

Sandy's Story by D.F. Jones

Sandy’s Story is the third book in the Ditch Lane Diaries written by D.F. Jones.

Sandy, like her friends Ruby, Anna, Jerry and Lee, is one of the Campbell Ridge wards.  While Ruby is a dreamer and Anna is a healer, Sandy is a clairvoyant. As a reporter, Sandy uses her gift to get the truth for her stories and make sure justice is served. However, when a murder near Music Row leads her to a very important book, she is hunted by an evil man, Nick Steele, and some supernatural beings.

She reunites with the other wards and together with their guardian angels prepare for a prophesied battle catalyzed by the book she keeps. Sandy eventually learns the consequences of her actions not only to herself but to her loved ones as well. She turns to her guardian angel, Baldric, who protects her at all cost and breaks the rules of heaven by falling in love with his ward, which puts Sandy in even more danger.

This is a fast-paced, action-packed, ultimately romantic and suspenseful continuation to an already exciting series. The action started as soon as the book began and never stopped until the end. The reader is kept clinging to the book, holding his breath in anticipation of the climatic ending. At the end of the book, the reader is left satisfied but with a teeny bit of hope that, somehow, this is not the end of the story about the Campbell Ridge wards.

Congratulations to D.F. Jones (@Author_DFJones) on another amazing book!  For more books by D. F. Jones, click HERE.


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