September 21, 2016

Accidental Cinderella by Emily Evans

Accidental Cinderella is a romance fiction for young adults written by Emily Evans.

Ella is the new girl in Erskine Preparatory School, an exclusive boarding school for the elite. Though she’s happy to be there on a scholarship, she knows right away that she doesn’t fit in.

Still, being in St. Erskine is better than staying in Texas with her stepmother. Here she has sweet and vivacious Penelope Penworth and her brother Hale, who lets her know early on that he is not dating for reasons he doesn’t wish to discuss with the new girl.

However, the new girl has a lot more on her plate at the moment besides not-dating senior and shady suitemate. She just learns that St. Erskine doesn’t offer scholarships. If that is the case, why is her tuition paid in full and who paid it?

This is more than a traditional romantic story for young adults. This is about family, friendship, passion and even prejudice. This is something that young readers will learn a lot from. It promotes loyalty between siblings and between friends. It encourages young people to pursue their passion and be the best they can be.  

However, it seems that the author focused more on the plot than on descriptions and character development. With a few shocking revelations, the plot is no doubt a great one. Though the settings were fairly described, I prefer more details and movements. In addition, the back stories were too brief making the characters less developed than they should have been.

Still, it was a great read and I enjoyed it immensely.

Congratulations to Emily Evans (@Emily_Evans_M) on such an amazing book. For more of the author’s books, visit Emily Evans Books

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