September 26, 2016

Talk to the Moon by Katlynn Brooke

Talk to the Moon is a romantic historical novel written by Katlynn Brooke.

After reading his godmother’s diaries which recount events that transpired between 1945 and 1947, Gabe Blanchard is burdened with deep dark secrets that he would rather not know, secrets about his father, his mother and his inheritance.

Gabe’s godmother Holly and her sister Eva move from South Africa to Rhodesia to work in King’s Kraal Mission. They meet and befriend other people from the mission including Faye, Avril, Gerald, Neil and the administrator Mr. Parrish and his wife Tootie. As they attend social events, they are introduced to other people and meet more friends including Tony and Eric. While Eva is obviously attracted to Gerald, Gerald seems to have eyes only for Holly. Holly, however, enjoys Tony’s company as much as he enjoys hers.

This was not only a romantic fiction but also a novel that began with mystery that kept the reader hooked from the first to the last chapter. The author successfully strung the reader along, keeping him interested and anxious with anticipation. Moreover, the author was able to put the startling climax at the last few pages of the book which justified the long wait. Furthermore, the writing style was casual that made for easy read.   
In addition to the exciting plot was the cast of realistic and well-developed characters. Though smart, sensitive and level headed Holly was undoubtedly the main character in the book, my favorite was her sister Eva. Eva was spirited and jovial and she always speaks her mind. I also liked Faye but her role was too small for such a great character. Needless to say I enjoyed this book a lot, except for a few errors in the copy I downloaded.

Congratulations to Katlynn Brooke (@KBrookeAuthor) on such a wonderful novel. For more books by the author, visit KATLYNN BROOKE


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