September 11, 2016

Bear Princess by Emma Alisyn and Danae Ashe

Bear Princess is the Royal Bears Book 2 in the Bear Shifter Paranormal Romance written by Emma Alisyn and Danae Ashe.

The book features Miahela, princess of Casakraine. After Mia’s brother, Andrei, ran away with his human mate, Hannah, it falls on Mia to assume the role as the Heir to their mother, Queen Izobelle. As per ancient law, a female heir cannot take the throne unless she is mated.

Unbeknownst to everyone, Mia already meets her mate, Dami, whom she knows since she was 16 as a commoner from Khaihalland Mountains. Mia is now torn between her duty to her people and her duty to her heart.

When Mia is introduced to an alpha male, Malvin Dacus, Clan Chief of Talogren, to begin the official courtship, she discovers a shocking truth about her mate which he kept from her all these years.

I found the idea of this book new and original, making it very interesting. The style of writing is casual and easy to read. The characters are endearing especially Mia, a smart, strong, brave and duty-bound princess. She is not the traditional female who waits for a male champion to save her or to make things right for her. She speaks her mind and she is willing to go through anything just so she can prove herself to everyone. She is confident and she has reasons to be so. 

However, I would have liked to learn more of the nature of bears. I would have preferred more scenes while the characters were in their Bear forms to know how they differ from other animals. Moreover, I simply could not visualize a community of bear shifters who use the latest of technology. It may be too subjective on my part, but the idea of gadgets and claws seems incongruous to me. Finally, the copy I downloaded from Amazon is cluttered with too many errors that need thorough editing.

All in all, I enjoy this book immensely and I would be happy to read the third part of the series.

Congratulations to Emma Alisyn (@EmmaAlisyn) and Danae Ashe on such a great book. 

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