March 26, 2016

A Soul Divided by Daniel M. Quilter

Princess Olivia, daughter of King Ryker of the Human Empire, was kidnapped by an Anti-Luck, a genetically engineered soldier. Only someone as powerful as a Fortunatus could save her and there were only two Fortunatus left; the king of the Mystics, who was at war with the Human Empire, and Drake Ashbell, a wanted criminal and half brother to Palace Guard Vahn Ashbell.

Drake found no reason to extend his assistance to the humans who annihilated his people. However, when the same Anti-Luck who kidnapped the princess took Angela, a girl he just rescued on her way to slavery, in exchange for his blood, Drake had to team up with Vahn in order to get the two girls back. 

The book is fast-paced and action-packed with very interesting plot. It was complete with chasing and fighting scenes softened by a few brief romantic interludes between Drake and Angela. The writing style was easy to read and the dialogues were engaging and in the case of Drake, funny most of the time. 

In addition to the great plot was a cast of memorable characters. Drake was an unlikely hero: arrogant and sarcastic. Despite his complacent facade was a dark and painful past making him the the most interesting character in the book. The most endearing, however, was Al, a wolf-like Mystic and the best Vhy-Rai healer, also Drake's best and only friend. Among other interesting characters were Titus, the Draco Hominis who would do anybody's bidding for the right amount of money and Olivia, the spirited princess and heir to the throne of the Human Empire.

It is, indeed, a well-written, highly entertaining and very enjoyable book and I recommend it all science fiction enthusiasts. 

Congratulations to Daniel M. Quilter ( @dquilter6 ) for a wonderful book!

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