March 7, 2016

Eight Days by Scott Thompson

Eight Days is a touching story by Scott Thompson.

Clive Kinsella had always wanted to go places. He dreamed of finding a job in a bigger city. However, that dream was set aside when he met Annabelle. When they got married, the couple settled down in Georgetown where Clive lived most of his life.

The story began with Clive's death. At his funeral, Clive met his long dead grandfather, Pachu, who had come to guide him through his Reckoning which went on for eight days. During the Reckoning, Clive got to relive the most difficult times of his life and the most difficult decisions he had made.

The author masterfully wrote a book with interesting plot and memorable characters. The writing style was top rate making the book an easy read. The scenes were vividly described and the dialogues were engaging. The narratives were so heartfelt that I cried at some point in every chapter. 

The book, though it started with death, was basically about life and the choices a person makes while he lives. It is a touching story of love, friendship, childhood, old age, life and death. The entire book was filled with food for thought and words of wisdom that would stay not only in the reader's mind but also in his heart. 

This is truly one memorable book that will make the reader contemplate on his own life, his priorities and the decisions he could live with.

Congratulations to Scott Thompson (@sthompsonauthorfor such a wonderful book. 

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