March 16, 2016

Wedding Haters by Melissa Baldwin

Wedding Haters is the second book of the Event to Remember Series written by Melissa Baldwin.

It was about Madie's upcoming wedding to Cole. With one of her best friends, Sienna, as the wedding planner, Madie was confident that her wedding would be one of the biggest events of the century. 

Looking forward to tying the knots with Cole, Madie, however, was anxious about one thing, her family,  meaning her grandmother and her cousins, Ellie and Stephy. Madie loved her grandmother with all her heart and tried her best to please her, but ever since she was young her grandmother always took her cousins' sides, her cousins who seem to take pleasure in bullying Madie every chance they get. Much as Madie detest the idea of inviting them to the wedding, her grandmother was, apparently, expecting her to. 

The story basically dealt with family and family issues, what one does and does not do for family. Moreover, it was also about standing up for oneself, for having the courage to say what needed to be said and do what needed to be done. My favorite excerpt from the book was:

Madie to Grandmother: 'I'm sorry that happened to them. But how is that my fault?'

What I like most about the book was the cast of lovable characters. The author created characters with distinct personalities. Abby was the understanding and nurturing one, that's why she became a teacher; Sienna was organized, thus, she was an event planner and of course, Madie was very creative, hence, she became a hairstylist and cookie designer. All three were smart and strong women who knew what they wanted in life. 

Congratulations to Melissa Baldwin ( @mpbaldwinauthor ) for such a wonderful book!

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