February 26, 2019

Reclamation by Brysen Mann

Reclamation is an exciting and suspenseful science fiction book and the second installment of The Xeno Manifesto Book Series created by Brysen Mann.

Deep beneath the peak of Mt. Rainer, Frank Smirnov is perplexed. He is overwhelmed by the magnitude of his discovery. Everything he knows about himself and the world is undermined by the enormity of the undeniable facts staring him in the face. As per practical advice from a friend now departed, he doesn’t trust anyone, not Zachariah Allmas whom he ended up with, and not even the mythical creatures who are keeping him safe, for now.

If he really is the one foretold to save mankind, he has no idea how exactly he is going to do it. Right now, he needs to find out more about the Committee which is hell-bent on terminating his existence, and the best way to start is with the man who knows the Committee better than he or anyone he knows, for that matter, does.    

Meanwhile, Felix Belette gathers all the Team Leaders. Their directive is to find the traitor at all cost and bring him to Belette alive, so that Belette could extract every shred of information from him in the slowest and most agonizing process. Little does Belette know what awaits him when Zach is finally found.

This is just as intriguing and as exciting as the first book, The Xeno Manifesto. Unlike in other book series that usually introduce subplots, this second installment stays consistent with the first book and simply moves the plot forward. It is unpredictable with exciting twists and turns that though not altogether shocking are surprising enough. Scenes and settings are thoroughly described including the special abilities of the mythical creatures. The book has a satisfactory ending and promises a more exciting third installment.

Admittedly, I enjoyed this book a lot. However, I find the pacing of the plot slower than that of the first book that very little is added to the story. Moreover, there are too many noticeable errors within the entire book that detract from the overall reading experience.

Congratulations to Brysen Mann (@brysen_mann) on another exciting book!   

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