January 30, 2019

EMP by JS Donovan

EMP:No Power is a suspenseful thriller and Book 0 of the Post-Apocalyptic Fiction Series created by J. S. Donovan.  

It seems like an ordinary day for Sergeant Harper Murphy. However, just when she is about to hang up the phone after an unpleasant call from her husband, everything goes off, phone, lights, air conditioner. Apparently, there is a momentary power outage.

A look outside the window, however, makes her assume the worst. It seems like the entire Washington, DC is eerily quiet, a sign of an EMP attack.   

As Harper goes about her duty to her country, she thinks about her teenage son, Eli who is somewhere out there in the middle of this chaos. As she rightly assumes, things will turn really bad, and Harper has to get to him before bad turns to worse.

This is a fast-paced and suspenseful post-apocalyptic thriller that features a woman torn between her duty to her country and duty to her family. It perfectly portrays the mayhem that would result from an electromagnetic pulse attack. Moreover, it depicts how familial love prevails and everything else comes second when a cataclysm occurs. Furthermore, it highlights the sacrifice a parent is willing to make for his or her offspring.

The author successfully creates a set of well-developed and relatable characters especially Sergeant Harper Murphy. Though the ending is a cliffhanger, with this book being part of a series, it has a kind of closure that makes the story satisfactory.

Admittedly, I enjoyed reading this book. However, though not totally cliché, the subject of EMP attack is not totally unique either, that some readers may consider this book just among the many. Moreover, there are several noticeable errors within the entire book that sadly detract from the overall reading experience.

Congratulations to J. S. Donovan on such a nice book!

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