February 4, 2018

The Xeno Manifesto by Brysen Mann

The Xeno Manifesto is an exciting thriller novel by Brysen Mann.

Frank Smirnov has always known he is different. Not only is he an orphan who is oblivious of his roots, but he also displays ‘Powers’ he doesn’t comprehend especially when he is in a fit of rage. An unexpected friendship sparks his interest in mystical ‘Beings,’ an interest that leads him to a mind-blowing discovery that might question everything he knows about the world and the origin of mankind.

This is an exciting and suspenseful book and the author successfully keeps it interesting until the last page. In addition to a very promising premise which is introduced in a fast paced series of events, the characters are thoroughly portrayed in ample back stories. The mystery is suspended as the author shifts the plot by introducing another set of characters with equally ample back story. The excitement continues as the plot converges in a surprising and unexpected twist. This is, indeed, one exciting and enjoyable suspense thriller.

However, other readers may find the timelines a bit confusing. Moreover, though the back stories are ample, too ample in fact that some readers may feel being thrown off the plot, and seemingly sufficient, there are details that sound ambiguous. Furthermore, I find the ending inconclusive which leaves some questions unanswered. Finally, there are too many noticeable errors within the entire book that can easily be fixed by another round of editing.

Still, I enjoyed the book and I recommend it to fans of suspense, thriller and science fiction. The most important part of the book, for me, is the moral issue in instigating mass destruction to save the planet. I think that is one thing everybody should think about.

Congratulations to Brysen Mann (@brysen_mann) on such an exciting novel.           

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