February 17, 2018

The Bridge in the Fog by Marc Remus

The Bridge in the Fog is the exciting third installment in the Magora Series created by Marc Remus.

Holly, together with her friends Brian, Rufus and Amanda, is back in Cliffony Academy of the Arts in the fantastical land of Magora. Her return is fired by her burning desire to learn more about her Grandpa Nikolas and her gripping fear that she might be the rumored daughter of the Duke of Cuspidor. Her search for information about her grandfather leads her to the mythical and enchanted bridge said to be closed forever and is hidden behind an eternal fog by its creator, the Wise Man himself, her Grandpa Nikolas.

This third book in the series, though not as suspenseful as the second book is, I can say, much more eventful and therefore just as intriguing and exciting. The search for the Woodspeople and the Land of the Ledesmas through the Bridge in the Fog, the rumors about Cuspidor’s daughter; and a photograph of a library from another world are among the things that the readers will look forward to in this installment. Moreover, the author introduces new characters including Professor Amranranputran and Professor Parsidor, new creatures like the Woodspeole and the Halogumpters in addition to a lot of surprising revelations.

However, I’m not a fan of cliffhangers but I suppose the ending of the book is necessary for a smoother transition to the next and much anticipated Book 4, The Uprising.

Congratulations to Marc Remus (@MarcRemusArt ) on yet another exciting and magical book. For more books in this series, visit the Art World of Marc Remus. 

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