January 21, 2017

Sapphire Ice by Hallee Bridgeman

Sapphire Ice is Book 1 of the Jewel Series written by Hallee Bridgeman. It is an inspirational romance featuring Robin Bartlett. 

Robin and her two sisters, Maxine and Sarah, have a rough childhood. At 15 years of age, Robin learned to take care of herself and vowed never to depend on any man. Holding two jobs, Robin works her way through life and sends her sisters to college asking help from no one.

When successful businessman, Antonio Viscolli, catches Robin in a situation which might compromise one of her precious jobs, Robin becomes defensive and misconstrues Antonio’s gesture of kindness as insult.

Aside from genuine amusement and natural curiosity, Antonio feels something more for Robin. He believes God has led him to her and he prays for God’s guidance on how to win Robin over to God.

This is a beautiful story of love and faith. Robin’s love for her sisters fuels the fire that sustains her to carry on an exhausting life of selflessness and sacrifice. Tony’s unwavering faith in God brings him to Robin and eventually brings Robin back to God.

The entire book is casually worded and though there are parts that sound preachy, they are, apparently, not meant to antagonize non-Christian readers. Some scenes are emotionally moving that some readers may find themselves shedding tears and examining their faith.

I think the romance part of the book is where the readers can relate the most as it is exactly what every girl and woman dreams of, that is, meeting a God-fearing man who treats a girl with utmost respect and will go out of the way to make her feel special and put her second to God.

The characters are well developed with sufficient backstories. The simple but unexpected twist near the end gives the book a suspenseful and very satisfying ending.

Congratulations to Hallee Bridgeman (@halleeb) on such a beautiful and inspiring book. For more books by the author, click HERE. 

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