January 4, 2017

Now I Know It's Not My Fault by Laurie B. Levine

Now I Know It’s Not My Fault is a poignant, eye-opening novel written by Laurie B. Levine.

Alex Geller is a bright teenager who has a habit of cracking up ‘wise ass’ comments. With the sudden death of her mother when she was nine years old, Alex, together with her two brothers, is left with her emotionally unavailable, perfectionist and fault-finding father.

When Paula Hanover, her beautiful and ‘very cool’ Science teacher, starts paying attention to her, Alex begins to feel special and loved. Finally, she knows what it feels like to have a mother. However, Paula is not as kind or as sweet as Alex thinks she is.    
This is a touching and memorable book about physical, emotional and psychological abuse suffered by a girl under the hands of a selfish and expert manipulator. More than that, the book displays the needs of a teenager to belong, to be understood and to be encouraged.

Moreover, the book depicts the effects of callous and unmindful criticisms to a teenager especially by a father who is supposed to be supportive and accepting. It portrays how emotionally damaging an expression of disappointment can be to a child who is trying to find her place in the world.  

The book is written in conversational tone and easy to read. The dialogues are very realistic especially between teenagers like Alex and Amber, Alex and Adam and Alex and Sandra.

However, I noticed several errors (typos, missing words) within the book. Though they did not deter me from fully enjoying the story, they were an unwelcome distraction.

Congratulations to Laurie B. Levine (@laurieblevine) on such a great book! 

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