January 26, 2017

Get on Board Little Children by Victoria Randall

Geton Board Little Children is the first book of the Children in Hiding Series written by Victoria Randall.

Sophie has always loved kids. As a kindergarten teacher, she is constantly surrounded by children and would love to have one of her own, though not in the very near future. It’s not because she and her husband Josh are not yet ready, but because they are still saving some money to apply for a ‘reproductive permit’ or what Sophie calls a ‘baby license’ without which getting pregnant is considered unlawful pregnancy or class C felony under the ‘No Unwanted Children Act’ and is punishable by law.

So, when Sophie finds out that she is expecting, she and her husband Josh must find a way to acquire the permit as soon as possible. However, they are not ready for what she learns next. Suddenly, Sophie and Josh are on the run. With the help of the revived Underground Railway, they have to get to the Tijuana border as soon as they can.

This is an exciting, suspenseful and fast-paced dystopian thriller that will keep the readers on the edge of their seats. With an unpredictable plot written in casual and easy-to-read style, the book is simply a page turner. The book has two well-developed protagonists and a variation of minor characters, all of them very interesting. Each introduction of a new character is clouded by doubt and apprehension from not knowing whom to trust. The author is able to maintain the suspense until nearly the end and rewards the readers with a satisfying ending but at the same time leaves the readers anticipating for the next book.

Congratulations to Victoria Randal (@Entlover27) on such an amazing book! For updates on this book series, click HERE.

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